The Student’s Guide To Digital Photography: For Schools and Colleges (Educational)

This may not look like a textbook, but it is one. In my early days I never came across the kind of photography textbook I needed, something to cover all the important bits in an easily understandable form. Later, as a teacher, the problem still existed, and I vowed that ‘one day’ I’d write such a book myself. That day has arrived.

In plain English, each of photography’s features is covered in ways that students can’t fail to grasp. Learning becomes more effective. As every teacher knows, when students’ interest isn’t captured early on, progress goes downhill, fast. Learning curves don’t always point upward.

The book doesn’t aim to replace traditional learning, but leaves room for teachers to adapt the message to their own style. By considering photography from a fresh perspective, students are encouraged to take a greater interest in, and to own, the subject. The price has been kept as low to be affordable.

Both student and teacher can converse with the author at the supplied email address.

Although originally intended for students, anyone with an interest in photography will gain valuable insight.

Something like this in my early days would have saved hours of work.

Following their improvement in picture-quality, phone-cameras are now being taken seriously, particularly for project-work. In recognition of this, we’ve included a free copy of ‘The iPhone Companion’, showing how to get the best from the camera’s controls.


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