The Cake Parlour Sweet Tables: Beautiful Baking Displays with 40 Themed Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & More

The Cake Parlour: Sweet Tables Bring some serious wow factor to your party cake displays with a sumptuous sweet table design–combining cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops and more to stunning effect! With this gorgeous book, from award-winning wedding cake designer Zoe Clark, you will learn how to design and make your own stunning dessert tables and sweet tables. The book features six gorgeous sweet table themes, with over 40 cake decorating projects, each designed to be colour coordinated and visually stunning. Recreate each theme in full, or pick out individual elements to create a simple baking display. Includes step-by-step cake decorating techniques and delicious cake recipes so that you can get started straight away! Inside The Cake Parlour: Sweet Tables: Sweet Table Designs–six themed sweet table projects for you to make, with tiered cake centrepieces, cupcakes and cookies, cake pops, macaroons, mini cakes, fondant fancies, and loads of other baked treats. Cake Decorating Techniques–all the essential techniques and cake recipes that you need to know to make the sweet table displays, including techniques for piping buttercream frosting, covering with fondant icing and sugarpaste, and stacking tiered cakes.

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  1. Toni "the bookworm"
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    A little of this + a little of that = a pretty display!, August 5, 2012
    Toni “the bookworm” (Chicago, Illinois United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Cake Parlour Sweet Tables: Beautiful Baking Displays with 40 Themed Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & More (Paperback)

    For those who know cake artist and cake decorator Zoe Clark, this is a compilation of sorts, of all the talent and beauty of her profession, rolled into one. Taking her cake, cookies, and treats, she has written a book that shows you how to display them into one of the latest and most creative way of throwing a party………..the visual display.

    While most folks try to set up their tables to show their baking efforts, Zoe Clark has joined the ranks of those who know how to do it for a living. So with some time, effort, and patience, you can be as creative as well as learn some new projects.

    The book is 128 pages of ideas and help in making your party treats a gift for the eyes, which immediately will entice your palate, and that is the essence of display tables. The first 87 pages are devoted to the different themes and the remaining 41 pages will show you the how and why. I’d like to also mention that the covers have flaps on both sides so that you can mark/hold a page.

    At the same time, should you choose not to be the scratch baker (who makes everything themselves), then this book would still be a great guide in how to set up what you purchased. The idea’s were beautiful and the amount of time and money involved in setting up the items, would be your contribution to making your event just as personal.

    The book is large and colorful, with really large and close-up photography, and with simple and straightforward descriptions of how to go about setting up your table as she did. Her projects are doable, though for some, you would need to be comfortable in the kitchen. Newbies to the baking world would be wonderfully challenged but with some kindness and patience to self, could learn, perhaps with an extra book or two next to them that would have more basics to refer to when needed.

    There are 6 projects in all, and each give you the material and equipment you need to proceed. While each creation does not have step-by-step photos of everything, the projects that need more explanation are given in the back section, Recipes and Techniques, you will find the tutorials needed for the cookies and cupcakes, etc.

    Also, the backgrounds for the displays aren’t discussed; the photography is there to give you the idea of how you might want to decorate, so this doesn’t give you the DIY instructions for the props. But I would think that with this book in hand, if you go to a craft or hobby shop, you could easily recreate the look with minimal effort.

    Here is how the book is sectioned:


    PROJECT ONE: The Candy Collection
    A imple 4-tiered plain cake can take on the sweetest of turns with the candies that she used to dress up this Plain Jane. Licorice, lollipops, ribbons, and Skittles make the duckling cake into a swan. Surrounding the cake are min cakes, cookies, and mini cuppies, both square and round, staggered on various heights of display.

    PROJECT TWO: A Romance of Ruffles
    Oooooooooooooh!!! Loved this! 3 cakes in various layers and tiers are very simply, but elegantly decorated, with only a flower or two to add an ornate touch. Surrounding this trio of lovely ladies are meringues and cookies and cupcakes matched in the colors of taupes, beiges, and pale browns to give a very subdued but extremely lovely aura. A sure winner for a beginner to build their confidence!

    PROJECT THREE: A Feast of Roses
    This is a knock-out! Wow! Though this is not a difficult project, it is definitely a labor intensive one. Handmade sugar roses, either plain or glittered, in red or crimson red colors, are attached to painted red styrofoam cones. Another cone has pink macaroons and is ever so gently resting on a red rose-covered cake base or dummy cake base. Accompanying the cakes are red heart-shaped chocolate cookies, red petit fours in shiny brown liners, chocolate mini cakes, and truffles. Perhaps for someone who is non-traditional but wants something special in which to celebrate!

    PROJECT FOUR: Festival of White
    So very pretty and dainty for a winter celebration! Creams, whites, and champagne-colored treats that come in square cakes, shiny sugar pops, meringues, and cupcakes! “rnament ” cookies delicately hang from a tree along with glass ornaments to welcomes the guests to the winter wonderland of sweet celebration. The highlight of this section, for me at least, was the “bauble beauties” which are round cakes covered and decorated to look like ornaments! Real dazzlers!!!

    PROJECT FIVE: Lullaby of Loves
    As sweet and precious as the bundle of love coming your way! Pastels welcome everyone in the shape of a 2-tiered round cake with clotheslines of baby clothes made from cutters or that you can make yourself (templates included) that are attached around the cake. Polka dotted square mini cakes, wrapped cake pops, cupcakes, and gently meringues help round out the…

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    the TRUTH about the CAKE PARLOUR, May 16, 2013
    r m j

    This review is from: The Cake Parlour Sweet Tables: Beautiful Baking Displays with 40 Themed Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & More (Paperback)
    Zoe Clark and her publishing company have blatantly stolen the ideas in this book from us, her freelancers, with not even so much as a mention of our names. Everything from the graphic work of the cover itself, to the recipes, techniques,and EVEN the equipment and material(used in the photos), belong to freelance artists who’ve graciously devoted every waking second of their time, happiness and compassion to further Ms. Clark’s selfish cause; to simply measure her self-worth despite all repercussions.

    After much deliberation, we had decided not to follow through with any legal action regarding this matter. It is simply not worth butting heads with such self-righteous, callous people. To add insult to injury, these reputable sites carry on revering her name falsely when she didn’t even know what a sweet table was if it weren’t for her freelancers! We’ve kept to ourselves long enough.

    SHAME ON YOU for taking advantage of aspiring artists. Is this how Zoe and her publishers David & Charles encourage budding talent?

    Shame indeed.

    Ms. Clark and her counterparts are very aware of who we – the artists- are. We are not vengeful people, but hardworking human beings who DO NOT deserve such ill treatment. To think that a simple ‘thank you’ would have avoided this debacle, putting ASIDE the empty promises of co-authoring this book! We looked up to Zoe, and did all that we could to help her with her work AND personal endeavours. We felt proud to say that we were part of this incredible team…

    What a disappointment.

    Unbeknownst to them, Amazon and similar sites are wrongly idolizing Ms. Clark. Credit is due to the artists whose countless hours of labour – a lot of which was FREE – and unconditional support made this book possible.

    To Zoe and David & Charles: Thank you for demonstrating that our work at the Cake Parlour was truly NOT worth the effort and pain it has caused us and our loved ones. Also, it’s shocking that such a well renown publisher who’s very OWN employees were witness to our efforts can so easily discard our names from this book. Your behaviour regarding this is outright disgusting.

    Pity to anyone who makes the mistake of trusting either these parties.

    We invite you to come to us with any response. You are fully aware that EVERYTHING mentioned above is the complete and utter truth.

    Enough is enough,


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