Launch-It-Yourself Website: The small business owner’s DIY guide on building a website for less than $150

Hey, you! Are you a small business owner, a startup company, a blogger, or a freelancer looking to build a website but do not have the technical skills, the luxury of time and money to do so? Then this book is right for you!

This is a DIY picture-rich step-by-step guide and gets right down to the nitty-gritty of building your startup website. No frills! No wordy chapters. If you’re looking for a comprehensive web development book that will teach you the skills to become a web developer, then this is not the book for you. My goal is to help you build your first website, launch it in a realistic timeline of as little as two weeks, and spend only as little as 0. Nothing more, nothing less.

Understand the concept of a website through real-world analogies
Learn to get a domain & a hosting account
Learn to create cool email addresses such as
Build your first website through WordPress
Learn to customize a theme (Divi)
Launch your website in as little as 2 weeks
And spend just less than 0


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