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Penny Swift & Janek Szymanowski have been producing DIY, How-to and home orientated books for more than 25 years. They have created more than 30 successful titles dealing with building, decorating, renovating and extending homes, as well as landscaping and gardening. They excel at sharing their own do-it-yourself approach that promises to inspire and empower readers to achieve their dreams.

How To Weld the easy way provides a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to the full range of techniques needed when working with metal of various kinds. Detailed information about metalworking tools, materials and equipment, together with photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions, will enable you to successfully cut, bend and join metal using the most popular techniques and processes used by professionals worldwide.These include soldering, brazing, brazewelding, gas welding, arc welding and MIG welding.The most common finishing techniques are also covered.These include farily straightforward painting as well as special effects you can do yourself, as well as specialist coatings and finishes such as galvanising and powder or epoxy coating.

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Whether you want to make practical items like burglar bars or garden gates, produce your own metal furniture or simply repair existing metalwork, this book will show you how to plan and execute the projects you choose with ease. Along with a host of good ideas, there are more than ten sample projects of varying complexity you can make, simply by following step- by-step photographic instructions. A list of materials is given for each project, and essential tools and equipment are listed.These projects are quite varied, and they include several that are suitable for complete amateurs, as well as others that require more advanced skills.

You can start working on the simpler designs with no prior experience; perhaps make a handy hanger or barbecue tongs, and then move on to the drinks stand or candle stick project. Once you are feeling more confident, you will be able to tackle burglar bars, gates and furniture with ease, and you can then move onto more complicated projects such as fireplaces and built-in barbecues.





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How To Build a Carport the easy way will guide you through all stages of your carport project, with hundreds of full color photographs and a selection of imaginative carport plans. There are lots of pictures to give you good ideas that you can copy or adapt. There are three sets of step-by-step instructions that have full colour pictures, one of them show you how to build a carport from the ground up. Written by South Africans, it explains the importance of building regulations in South Africa, and suggests ways that professional people can help with your project.

How To Build a Carport the easy way provides simple and easy-to-follow instructions that will enable you to build a carport using bricks and mortar, wood or metal, combined with a variety of roofing or cover options. It explains the basic principles involved in planning a carport project, from choosing a suitable design and style for your home, to quantifying and costing the materials required to build it. All the building basics are covered, including construction methods, tools needed, and the full spectrum of both roofing and parking possibilities. There are three fully illustrated step-by-step projects that show how to mix and cast concrete, how to lay brick paving, and how to build a carport with brick or block pillars. There are also instructions on how to mix mortar and set out structures.