Best of the Large Print Cookbooks

This book is a truly comprehensive collection of appetizing, easy-to-prepare, family-style recipes complemented by cooking tips and information, plus health notes. This is the updated, revised and improved version of “Large Print Cookbook” by Dr. Kunkel. It is designed for readability, with large, bold, black print on a pale yellow background, a color contrast proven easiest for people with low vision to read. The lay-flat coil binding and large format are also easy-use features. Best of the Large Print Cookbooks is exceptional. A retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kunkel loves to cook. He suffers from macular degeneration and his resulting low level of vision has made it impossible for him to read standard cookbooks. He has developed his own highly readable cookbook. These traditional classics, family favorites and special occasion recipes will appeal to novice and experienced cooks. The extra-large-print format and clear and simple methods will delight the increasing numbers of cooks with low vision.


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