The Ultimate HCG Diet Recipe Book: Over 170 Easy Recipes for the Critical Phases of the HCG Diet

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This two-in-one HCG cookbook is packed with 178 unique HCG diet recipes to help you succeed and lose the weight you are aiming for. The list of allowed foods in the HCG protocol is restrictive, so having access to quick, easy, and tasty recipes is one of the best things you can do to help you stick to the diet plan.

The first section contains 118 recipes for the strict “HCG Phase” (also called Phase 2 by Keven Trudeau). The second section contains 60 recipes for stabilization and maintenance, the transition phase after you are done taking HCG.

These are one-of-a-kind HCG recipes created by in-house professional chefs for HealthyHCG, a company that has helped thousands of people succeed on the HCG diet. So you can count on the accuracy of the recipes and the information and advice on selecting food — unlike other recipe books that have compiled recipes found online or are sloppy in their compliance with the HCG protocol.

You’ll find inside:

* 178 recipes strictly compliant with Dr. Simeons’ protocol

* Portion sizes and nutritional information for every recipe

* Food tables with portion size, calories, fat, carbs and protein

* Information on meal planning and necessary cooking supplies

* Descriptions and discussion of all the allowed foods

* Explanations of borderline ingredients not mentioned by Dr. Simeons

* Recipes for chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, fruit, drinks, desserts

* Recipes for pantry items like spices, mixes, blends, dressings, salsas, sauces, dips, etc

* Recipes for both single and multiple servings

* Clickable index for easy navigation, sorted by both diet phase and food category

Here are a few samples of the HCG recipes in this cookbook: dry harissa spiced chicken with cucumber-mint salsa; peppercorn-encrusted steak with roast asparagus and garlic chips; grilled rib-eye steak with coffee and cocoa; cod escabeche with radish and mint; chinese five-spice baked halibut; marinated shrimp stir fry; braised swiss chard; tomato herb soup; mint-apple granita; mexican spiced coffee; and many more.

You’ll find this book to be an invaluable companion to the HCG diet. Boost your results by taking full advantage of the expert instruction and delicious, healthy HCG recipes you’ll find inside.