The Two-Day Paver Patio: Build it in a Weekend (eHow Easy DIY Kindle Book Series)

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Only have a weekend to finish your paver patio? Build it in a weekend: The Two-day Paver Patio will easily guide you through the process and can help you finish by the time Monday rolls around. Inside you will find color photos, expert step-by-step instructions, safety concerns, and tools and materials you will need. Projects include site preparation, sandset brick patio, and sandset flagstone patio.

Excerpt from the Book:

As an “outdoor room,” designing and decorating a new patio is not so different from planning any other living space. The design rule “function comes first” certainly applies. Assessing how everyone in the household will use the new patio is the primary consideration that influences every other decision, from planning the size, shape, and layout to choosing paving materials and adding special features and amenities.

One of the great things about building a new patio is the number of available options. Few other building projects offer so many choices of materials, configurations, and even locations. With all of this flexibility, a patio can complement your home’s architecture as much as it shapes your landscape, and that’s what makes creating a patio from scratch such a rewarding project.

Table of Contents:

Patio Basics
Project: Site Preparation
Project: Sandset Brick Patio
Project: Sandset Flagstone Patio

About the Author:

Mark Johanson has written and edited more than 150 books on home improvement and repair, woodworking, and gardening. He was Managing Editor of Handy Magazine and produced more than 100 articles in the DIY subject area. He is an experienced home remodeler and builder and lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.