The Trader Joe’s Easy Cook Cookbook: Cheap, Healthy, Hassle Free Meals That Will Save You Time And Money!

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Why You Should Buy And Read This Cookbook, A Brief Overview

Who is this cookbook for?

This cookbook is for you! Not convinced? Here’s a quick list of traits of people who will be interested in what we have to offer:

– You’re looking to cut down on food costs in your budget
– You don’t want to spend all night preparing a meal
– You need to feed one or two people at a time
– You don’t have all the equipment lots of cookbooks require
– You live within relative proximity to a Trader Joe’s
– You’re a great person who is great

There are plenty of cookbooks out there with long prep times, tons of ingredients, difficult knife skills and resulting meals that feed an Irish Catholic family. If that’s what you want – then look elsewhere. But if you want simple, quick, cost effective meals for one or two (though they are easily expandable for more people if needed) – you’ve come to the right place.

It’s Cost Effective

Americans are spending an average of 1 a week on food (Gallup Poll, 2012). Figuring people average 21 meals a week, that’s about .20 a meal, and just under ,000 a year! That may be fine for the doctors and lawyers among us, but for the other 99% – there has gotta be a cheaper way.

The average cost per meal in our cookbook is .00. That means if you ate our recipes, one week of food shopping would cost you ! Your annual food costs would drop by ,000. Even if you splurged and ate out with friends a few times a month – you’re gonna be coming out ahead. Way ahead.

Every one of our recipes is broken down by cost per serving (even by ingredient), so you know exactly what you’re looking at in terms of the bottom line. Using our cookbook, you’ll never find yourself at the checkout with the items for some Pinterest recipe only to realize the total cost is the same as your last month’s salary!

Everything You Need Is At One Store

Sure we love Trader Joe’s, and that’s the main reason we based our cookbook around their store. But beyond that, most other cookbooks will send you all over town trying to find some bizarre spice or unusual noodle shape or god knows what else. Life is busy, it’s hard enough to find the time to get to one grocery store per week – no one needs to be going to two more. That’s crazy.

No Crazy Cooking Skills Are Required

You don’t have to be a master iron chef to follow our directions. You won’t be slicing and dicing and peeling and wheeling. You’ll be preheating, combining, and stirring. Trust us, you can handle it.

It Will Save You Time

Not only will you only be shopping at one store, from prep to eating at the dinner table – most of our recipes will take you less than 10 minutes. We know what it’s like. You get home from work at 6:00. You usually go to bed by 10:00. That means you have 4 hours of your day to actually do what you want (unless you have some incredible job). Don’t waste an hour or two of it at the stove – there are way more rewarding ways to waste it!

Recipes Have Been Taste Tested And Approved

It took two of us to write this book. And while that may be kind of sad on one hand, on the other hand it means that for a recipe to make the cut – both of us had to think it was awesome. Plus, we’ve been honing our Trader Joe’s skills for a decade now – so we’ve tried just about every item you can find in the store. We know what’s good.

If You Don’t Like A Recipe – You Can Get Your Money Back!

No, not from us – from Trader Joe’s! Any item you try and dislike, you just bring back the packaging and your receipt. They’ll refund you. However, having tried our own recipes many many times – we doubt this will ever happen to you. But, it’s pretty amazing. I mean what other cookbook can make such a claim?!