The Thinking Tree – Science Handbook and Portfolio: Document your Research, Discoveries, Experiments and Science Projects (Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling) (Volume 1)

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Now your child can create a beautiful portfolio of all his or her scientific research and experiments! The student can also keep vivid records of his or her online learning through YouTube and Documentaries!

This is a Science Handbook for Homeschooling Students from ages 9+.

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This handbook will direct your child through a series of “Do-It-Yourself” pages that cover scientific research, studies, essays, drawings and experiments.

This book includes 180 pages of guided science activities, and can be used for all ages, including Middle School and High School.


Page 5…… My Science Books

Page 8…… My Science Tools

Page 10.… Research and Reading Time

Page 28…. My Experiments

Page 38.… Biography of a Scientist

Page 48.… Science Stories

Page 58…. A Study Scientific Discoveries

Page 68..… Science Vocabulary & Spelling

Page 78….. Science Films & Tutorials

Page 90….. My Science Projects

Page 114… Record Keeping Charts & Graphs

Page 124… Research, Essays & Creative Writing

Page 178… Make Your Own Periodic Table of Elements

Page 194… Record Keeping While Using Other Science Books