The Home Improvement Contractor: Business Strategies

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With 42 years in the Home Improvement, building and remodeling industry, I have tried hundreds of business strategies. The ones that worked were documented for future use. We were constantly working on new ideas to grow our business. The best appointments are referrals because they are easy to close. So, the key is having enough referrals. In my book, ‘The Home Improvement Contractor’ I offer suggestions on how to create an immediate cash flow and drive business to your front door. If you have been in business long enough to have a few clients, then you have a gold mine right under your nose. I suggest ways to increase your cash flow and increase your business. The business strategies in this book, if implemented properly, are guaranteed to work. If you follow the steps I have laid out, you will see that cash flow become a reality. When I found this method, I never, knocked on another door or advertised in the yellow pages again. 12 Questions to ask a contractor before you invite him into your home.