Rock art is showing up everywhere, and anyone can do it! Over 30 step-by-step tutorials make Rock Art Handbook your comprehensive rock art resource Covers various craft techniques for decorating rocks like dot painting, marbling, embellishments,...

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Foam Patterning and Construction Techniques: Turning 2D Designs into 3D Shapes explains how to create your theatrical prop, puppet, or costume design using the unique and tricky medium of foam. Step-by-step instructions, photographs, and...

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Photo Techniques Magazine stated: "All our readers need to know about this very useful book." Indeed, there is no other compendium that is as in-depth as this for the beauty and magic of fine-art black-and-white photography. With 560 pages and...

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If you have a passion for delicious dishes, exquisite restaurants, local and international cuisine, and travel, you’ve probably considered starting your own food blog. If that’s the case, then you owe it to yourself to read my book, Food...

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HELP SCORE A PERFECT 5. Ace the AP Computer Science A Exam with this comprehensive study guide—including 2 full-length practice tests, thorough content reviews, targeted strategies for every section of the exam, and...

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New York Times bestselling author Pam Anderson updates her classic cookbook--which put "cooking by heart" on the map--to include modern flavors and new techniques that today's home cooks will love, with new and original full-color photographs.It's...

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Teaching the science and the technology of programming as a unified discipline that shows the deep relationships between programming paradigms.This innovative text presents computer programming as a unified discipline in a way that is both...

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The ultimate step-by-step guide to essential woodworking skills, techniques, tools, tips and tricks. More than 40 fabulous projects For woodworkers of all levels Detailed plans for home accessories, home furnishings, outdoor projects and workshop...

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Location portraiture offers many advantages. The backgrounds are varied, the surroundings can tell a story about the client, and the setting can help tell the subject’s story. Working on location presents unique challenges, however. Often, the...

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You may have noticed that most car design books tend to focus on exterior design, as this is what most people think of as Car Design. However, with a growing demand in the industry for interior designers, I hope that this book will encourage...

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The Secret To Getting The Perfect Female Body Is Finally Here...Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just .99. Regularly pricedat .99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.You’re about to discover the secret hypnosis...

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Building on the success of the first Decorative Paint Techniques & Ideas book, this second edition adds information about the advancements and changes that have occurred in the decorative-finish trend. Decorative painting continues to grow as...

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From the host of the television series and podcast MeatEater, the long-awaited definitive guide to cooking wild game, including fish and fowl, featuring more than 100 new recipes“As a MeatEater fan who loves to cook, I can tell you that this...

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How to make digital photography lighting more creative—and less challenging!How do you master the art of lighting your photographs? Go beyond the basics, go beyond the "rules," and get creative with the help of renowned photographer Harold...

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The authoritative guide to healthy cooking in the modern professional kitchenIn today's health-conscious culinary environment, diners expect much more than just delicious food. They expect nutritious, well-balanced meals made with wholesome...

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With the added romance of its ancient origins, medieval echoes and heraldic associations, calligraphy is a creative, emotive and enjoyable hobby that attracts people from all walks of life, including artists, craftspeople, and those who just want...

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Kindle MatchBook Eligible: Print-edition purchases lets you buy the Kindle edition for FREEYou are always in control of your life, unless you decide not to be. Make that first critical impression happen, and become likableIn a world where more and...

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The key elements of creating an effective film narrative—which involves a significant shift in mindset from still photography to motion capture—are detailed in this guide to becoming a standout digital videographer. Through teaching classic...

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Expert advice for discussing divorce with your childrenWritten by Dr. Samantha Rodman, founder of, How to Talk to Your Kids about Your Divorce teaches you how to raise a happy, thriving family in a changing environment. Each page...

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Taking the guesswork out of lighting, this invaluable examination provides tools and techniques from an accomplished expert. The most essential principles for photo shoots are presented through lengthy image sequences, considering different...

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Viewing wildlife in action is always a pleasure–capturing that action with your camera is one of the most rewarding and challenging ways to become even closer to Nature. Birders, hikers, national-park visitors, and international travelers are...

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Maximize your potential to get the shots you want with this guide to photography for both Apple and Android phonesMaximize your potential to get the shots you want with this guide to photography for both Apple and Android phones. There’s a...

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This definitive guide to studio lighting explains and demonstrates universal lighting principles that help photographers think on their feet and master lighting theory and technique. Explained are essential concepts such as why light behaves the...

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Photography: The Beginners Photography Guide For Capturing Amazing Digital Photos Are you new to digital photography, then Photography: The Beginners Photography Guide For Capturing Amazing Digital Photos eBook is a good for you. For those without...

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A step-by-step practical guide that help ensure your print matches what you see on your computer screen Most digital photographers will wish to output their images for display purposes, or to use in promotional or publishing work, so it's...

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Utilizing the combined experience of three traditional artists turned digital imaging pioneers, Digital Art Studio champions combining traditional art techniques with digital media. From their unique position as artists, educators, and technology...

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The world of haute couture is a place where only a privileged few can ever hope to reside, right? Wrong. Fashion historian Claire B. Shaeffer opened the door to this exclusive realm in her authoritative guide to the techniques that define couture...

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Where paint, paper, fabric, metal, and wax all come to play!Uncover the very best articles and projects from Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Editor Barbara Delaney has assembled a gold mine of hands-on inspiration and ideas for mixed-media artists...

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An indispensable lighting reference you’ll refer to again and again Photography is all about light, yet light remains one of the most confusing and intimidating topics for amateur photographers. The Photographer’s Lighting Toolbox is a...

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A practical, everyday guide to securing your house and family through easy home defense techniques for dads. The world is a beautiful place, but sometimes it can be scary. Danger isn’t only in foreign countries or on the other side of town....

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For beginners looking to master the portrait or lifelong photographers looking to try a new twist on the classic genre, this is your photo book. The Complete Portrait Manual provides over 300 tips techniques to help you successfully capture the...

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No matter what the time of year, most of us enjoy having feathered visitors in our backyards. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to hold their attention long enough to figure out their names. With The All-Season Backyard Birdwatcher, your...

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Learn to shoot professional-quality HD footage with your DSLR Camera The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook, 2nd Edition is the expert guide to getting professional movie-making results with an HD video-enabled DSLR camera. Fully updated to reflect the...

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