Do it yourself instructions. Maintenance and Repair. Buyers Guide to roofing materials. Insulation. Great instructional...

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Details, details, details …they’re what make the exterior of your home stand out from the crowd. This new edition of Siding, Roofing, and Trim―the latest installment in the FOR PROS BY PROS series from the editors of Fine...

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The best home insurance policy you can buy   The single worst enemy to any home is the weather. Even tiny breaches in a home’s exterior can lead to thousands of dollars in damage if water invades walls and ceilings. To protect families and...

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A home's appeal depends a great deal on its exterior paint or stain, brick-and stonework, siding, trims, and other details--and it's not just the type of finish that's important, it's also how well the job was done. This first-ever compilation by...

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