NEW! We now have FREE on-line games as well as FREE on-line flash cards to accompany this program. Go to, select "Phonics Games>Free Online Games" for the games, and "Dictations & Flash Cards" for the flash cards.  I Can...

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Imagine an 8-week program that can help you overcome depression, anxiety, and stress--by simply learning new ways to respond to your own thoughts and feelings. That program is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), and it has been tested and...

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Have you heard all of the ‘chatter’ about the Freestyle Program? If not, you will be glad to know many more of your favorite foods are no longer off limits. They now have an assigned points value system. To see how it works, merely add the...

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Diet and exercise lifestyle for intensive cardiac...

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Foreword by David Perlmutter, MD, author of Grain BrainThe cult-classic health book, now revised and updated with a quick start cleanse, easy recipes, and more.It’s not news that Americans are sicker than ever. Seventy million of us suffer from...

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It makes sense to invest in mental health services in public schools. Addressing the emotional and situational issues children live with can make an enormous difference in learning opportunities. In Reaching Our Neediest Children: Bringing a...

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In addition to delicious recipes, The Low FODMAP 6-Week Plan & Cookbook provides a great introduction to the Low-FODMAP diet, as well as key lifestyle tips to help manage IBS symptoms.  --Kate Scarlata, R.D.N., author of The Complete Idiot's...

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Paperback. Pub Date: 2015-4-1 Pages: 243 Publisher: Tsinghua University Press Data Structure and Its Applications systematic introduction to a variety of common data structures and sorting algorithms to find. described various data structures...

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If you have ever wondered how a quantum computer works - or if you want to know how to program a quantum computer yourself - then this is the book for you. This book contains an introduction to quantum mechanics, with complete...

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Many people suffer from skin conditions -- acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis -- and seek conventional medical help, but don't get the results they hope for. What they don’t realize is how good their skin can be when they adopt a cleaner,...

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Cancer. Hepatitis. Migraines. Arthritis. Heart Disease. Emphysema. For years, the medical establishment has called these chronic or life- threatening diseases "incurable." But now, The Gerson Therapy offers hope for those seeking relief from...

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There is nothing more universal than the desire to slow down the aging process, to live a long, full life with health, energy, and independence. The Okinawa Program presents the first evidence-based program to make this possible. Authored by a...

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Scratch is a fun, free, beginner-friendly programming environment where you connect blocks of code to build programs. While most famously used to introduce kids to programming, Scratch can make computer science approachable for people of any age....

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JavaScript: Program a Dynamic, User-Responsive WebsiteA Crash Course to Learn JavaScript Programming and HTML the Easy WayJavaScript is an object-based programming language that is very popular today as it is adopted universally by every web...

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A Cleveland Clinic dietician and a renowned liver disorder specialist offer a plan for optimal liver health, with tools to treat and prevent liver diseases, including NAFLD. The liver is the seat of our overall health and wellness, and the health...

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"When I was losing weight, Liz was more than my coach; she was my rock, and I couldn't have done it without her. She just got it, because she'd been through it herself (and helped about a million other people through it, too). Target 100 is Liz in...

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The New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet shows every woman how to create a lifestyle that will help her look great, feel energized, and slow down the effects of aging.Feel destined for cellulite, saddle...

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Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease: The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery Great...

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Joel Fuhrman's Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease offers precise diet and fasting programs to relieve headache, hypoglycemia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,...

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The Ornish Diet has been named the “#1 Best Heart-Healthy Diet” by U.S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years!From the author of the landmark bestseller Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease comes an empowering...

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CAPTURE THE BENEFITS OF EARTH'S SUPERFOODSLooking for a quick, flavorful and nutritious way to stay youthful and healthy? The Green Smoothies Diet provides the perfect solution! Green smoothies are the best way to power up your body and...

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Updated to commemorate its 20th anniversary, this classic resource further explores the effects of grief and sheds new light on how to begin to take effective actions to complete the grieving process and work towards recovery and...

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HOW TO START A MOTHER’S DAY OUT PROGRAM IN YOUR HOME Do you love children and have an entrepreneurial streak? Do you want to start a part-time “Playgroup for Profit” in your own home? Patricia C. Gallagher provides an invaluable guide for...

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THE FASTEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT - LOSE BELLY FAT AND LOSE BODY FATA thoroughly researched book that contains over 700 scientific references.*If you continue to struggle with achieving your weight loss goals, you've probably tried everything and...

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From a popular health and wellness blogger and author, an expansive, programmatic approach to following an anti-candida diet--in three stages and 100 recipes.Candida is a type of yeast that grows in the human body. An overgrowth of it has been...

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Uncover the Secret to Better Health to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases Acidic wastes from processed food and chemical additives have detrimental effects on the human body. When acidic wastes accumulate, they can...

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Until Dr. Barnard’s scientific breakthrough, most health professionals believed that once you developed diabetes, you were stuck with it—and could anticipate one complication after another, from worsening eyesight and nerve symptoms to heart...

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Endometriosis can have a profound impact on a woman's quality of life, and it affects the lives of 6 to 10 percent of women worldwide. This timely book will dispel the myths surrounding endometriosis and provide scientifically based...

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The first in a series of four instructional yoga books, this concise, fully illustrated guide shows readers how to drop pounds, add muscle and boost metabolism. According to a recent report, about a million Americans take up the practice of yoga...

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Imagine an 8-week program that can help you overcome depression, anxiety, and stress--by simply learning new ways to respond to your own thoughts and feelings. That program is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), and it has been tested and...

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Tired of your weight swinging up and down? Do you find it difficult to stick to a diet? You're not alone. Every day, millions of people battle temptation as they try to drop unwanted pounds. For those who succeed, a whopping 80 percent quickly...

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An all-new ringbound collection of five hundred delicious original recipes, from Black Bean Soup to Chocolate Layer Cake, uses the Weight Watchers food plan, introducing the basic strategies that make this plan so successful. 300,000 first...

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The #1 bestseller that offers "a ground breaking, science-based, easy-to-follow prescription. Start your journey to healing now!" - Mehmet Oz, MDDr. Mark Hyman reveals that the secret to losing weight and preventing not just diabetes but also...

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