The anticipated follow-up to the book lovers' favorite, Literary Wonderlands, LITERARY LANDSCAPES delves deep into the geography, location, and terrain of our best-loved literary works and looks at how setting and environmental attributes...

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Forget what you think you know about visiting Florida--Backroads of Florida will lead you to explore lush forests, pristine lakes, and otherworldly swamps!Can you still find untouched stretches of velvety sand and warm waves in the Sunshine State?...

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Forty years after its initial publication, this new edition features over 150 revisions, including case studies from the authors’ experiences, complete look with color images of the archaeological excavation at Bacon’s Castle and Monticello in...

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Winner of the American Library Association's 2015 INDIEFAB Gold Medal for best photography book published by an independent or academic pressGeorge Alexander Grant is an unknown elder in the field of American landscape photography. Just as they...

$20.81 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)

While there’s no shortage of information on restoring and maintaining the historical integrity of period homes, until now there has been no authoritative reference that provides comparable information for landscapes. American Home Landscapes is...

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Selecting plants for a drought tolerant garden can be a little intimidating for the first-time gardener. With over 30 years in landscape design and installation in Southern California, Debbie Larsen has taken her knowledge of garden design to put...

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Invitation to Vernacular Architecture: A Guide to the Study of Ordinary Buildings and Landscapes is a manual for exploring and interpreting vernacular architecture, the common buildings of particular regions and time periods. Thomas Carter and...

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Nighttime exterior lighting is increasing in popularity and importance in cosmopolitan cities and small towns alike. On a grand scale, it can transform a building into a distinctive landmark in the nightscape of a city, highlight the splendid...

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Moss, stone, trees, and sand arranged in striking or natural-looking compositions: the tradition of establishing and refining the landscape has been the work of Japanese gardeners and designers for centuries. In Japanese Gardens and Landscapes,...

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A tour of not-to-be-missed public places―parks, plazas, memorials, streets―that shape the New York experience. The thirty-eight urban gems covered here range from newly created linear spaces along the water’s edge, such as Brooklyn Bridge...

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What are the state's outstanding landforms, and where are they found? How were Kansas rocks and minerals formed? Why is Kansas world famous among fossil collectors? How does one "read the rocks" to find evidence of ancient oceans, earthquakes, and...

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Fully illustrated, in color. Recommendations on how to landscape your garden for all the zones in...

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Create the landscape of your dreams! This practical, easy-to-use guide covers everything you need to know to design a customized and dazzling landscape. Using a simple 12-step method, Janet Macunovich shows you how to assess your site, set a...

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From June of 2016 up to May of 2017: This could be the last pictures of Puerto Rico before Hurricanes Irma & Maria you would ever see!!! This might also be the first book ever written related to Hurricane Maria's direct impact to Puerto Rico!!!...

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A long-awaited second book from the Miami-based landscape architect lauded by the Wall Street Journal for “dreaming up dense, thickly forested canopies that give way to modern high rises and million-dollar residences.”   Color and texture...

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Before it was restored, the High Line was an untouched, abandoned landscape overgrown with wildflowers. Today it is much more than that; it’s a central plaza, a cultural center, a walkway, and a green retreat in a bustling city that is free for...

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1,000+ Stunning Photographs for Infinite InspirationCreated by artists for artists, this book/CD set blends masterful art instruction with a virtual library of more than 1,000 richly detailed digital images. From ancient rock formations and...

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With comprehensive instruction and artist tips and tricks, Landscapes is the perfect resource for beginning acrylic artists.Landscapes teaches aspiring artists everything they need to know to get started painting beautiful landscapes in acrylic....

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“Practical Permaculture is powerful, visceral, readable, and inspiring. It shows us how we can and should live.” —Joel Salatin, farmer and author Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein, two dynamic leaders in the permaculture community, offer...

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From one majestic nature landscape to the next, this is an iconic collection of National Geographic’s photography of the world’s most beautiful locations that will immortalize the beauty of the great outdoors, showcasing evocative, and often...

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Enjoy it for its sheer beauty or use it for inspiration while creating your own small landscape garden.Japanese gardening is the art of arranging plants, rocks, lanterns, and basins in an open or, as here, an enclosed space. According to the...

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Each volume in the Ten Landscapes series presents a detailed, inside look at the outstanding work of the most innovative individual landscape garden designers working today. Each book features ten gardens by a single premier landscape designer....

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A new spin on the classic guide to composing stunning images of nature and wildlife What is the difference between a good picture and a great one? In this fully revised edition of the classic bestseller The Art of Photographing Nature, master...

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No matter whether it's the vegetable garden or the garden path, make the most of a beautiful garden vista with these marvelous ideas for choosing and enhancing a focal point. Every photo showcases breathtaking designs, with eye-catching features...

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This is Volume I of a holistic guide to gardening in the South from recently retired University of Florida horticulture extension agent, David Marshall. This will be your most valued gardening reference. The author, who grew up in north Georgia,...

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High quality color photographs of landscape elements including rural, mountain, forest and desert elements including a variety of details will provide a definitive source for a "wild" or pastoral touch to any artist's paintings. Green presents the...

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*** 30 BEAUTIFUL AND BREATHTAKING LANDSCAPES *** KINDLE USERS – We Are Thinking Of You. Since you can’t download this book from your Kindle device - We put a link of a printable PDF version at the end of the book.Print the PDF on large 8.5x11...

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“An invaluable and provocative resource for gardeners who want to collaborate with their local ecologies—and save themselves both heartbreak and backbreak.” —The New York Times Book Review This lushly-photographed reference is an important...

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The stories of six colonial Australian gardeners and their transformation of the Australian landscape are told in this revealing look at 19th-century botany, horticulture, and plant collecting. Original writings, illustrations, and photographs...

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"Some artists use canvas to create a work of art. David Mellor uses a baseball field. His patterns are so precise and imaginative, I call him the Rembrandt of groundskeeping." --Bob Uecker, Milwaukee Brewers Broadcaster Now you can transform...

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Adult Coloring Book: City Legends: 26 Beautiful City Landscapes Kindle Users, we are thinking of you. We put a link of a printable PDF version at the end of the book. Print the PDF on large 8.5x11 high quality paper and let your creativity to do...

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Create a landscape you can truly delight in, without all the high maintenance hassle! This book is a guide to making your yard easy to care for, beautiful to look at and a pleasure to enjoy throughout the year. You will learn about design...

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Using ten landscape architectural projects on three continents, Landscapes and Gardens presents the case for green landscapes and public gardens in the city. The authors discuss, through short essays, their approach to public open space, green...

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