Do it yourself instructions. Maintenance and Repair. Buyers Guide to roofing materials. Insulation. Great instructional...

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Roe Osborn's first book, Framing a House, tackled the complex art of house framing. Now, in this follow-up volume Finishing a House, he lays out all the steps and instruction required to complete the inside. The timing of each step is critical,...

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Illustrated with detailed application drawings and photographs, this handbook covers residential, commercial and industrial construction, new and retrofit. Covers insulation products, and how and where they are used. Includes chapters on infrared...

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Describes, through pictures and text, the procedures for insulating any home against heat...

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Keeping a house weatherproof and in good condition is an ongoing task. Under constant attack from a combination of heat, cold, wind, and rain, it is vital that the right protection is in place to keep the elements at bay. This book gives guidance...

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Expert advice on essential home decoration and maintenance, both indoors and out. With clear step-by-step advice on repairs, carpentry, flooring, brickwork, roofing, fences, walls and paths, painting, papering, tiling, and many other jobs around...

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This is a practical guide to insulating and draughtproofing your home, as well as improving ventilation. It is a guide to the different kinds of insulation materials available, including loose-fill, blanket and slab insulation, and how to fit them...

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