“. . . readers will count on Popular Mechanics’ advice.” —Booklist (starred review)For any home repair, big or small, homeowners can turn to this practical and portable reference.   Got a squeaky floor or a rattling door? Is your grout...

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This book is designed to provide inspiration to homeowners wanting to renovate their homes on a budget. In over 150 photos, before and after renovations, you will see how spaces and entire homes can be redesigned from the outside, in. The...

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Sous vide has been a popular cooking technique in restaurants for years, offering tender and succulent dishes cooked to perfection. Now, from the creator of Nomiku--the first affordable sous vide machine--comes this easy-to-follow cookbook that...

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An essential guide for owners of period homes provides illustrated instructions and inspiring ideas for interior and exterior restoration of homes built between 1750 and 1930. 30,000 first printing. Used Book in Good...

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Learn what it takes to work at home and make a living as an internet entrepreneur.GET 2 BUSINESS IDEAS AND IMPLEMENT THE BEST ONE THAT FITS YOU.No Huge Capital, No Business Experience & No Expertise Required.Here's what you'll get in this...

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Discusses the designing of yards and gardens to create privacy, establish boundaries, and provide areas for recreation and...

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In this smart and witty guide to building a home while keeping your sanity, architect Kristina Leigh Wiggins shares knowledge accumulated from years of experience as a project manager, and explains how to stay organized when creating or remodeling...

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Specific edition for hotter climates tells gardeners everything they need to know about...

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In this highly anticipated cookbook, Ken Forkish—owner of the beloved restaurant Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon; the James Beard and IACP Award-winning author of Flour Water Salt Yeast; and one of the most trusted baking authorities...

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Chock-filled with inspiring photos, this exquisite guide covers all the options available to someone planning to renovate or build a custom bathroom. In addition to providing advice on budgets and working with contractors and designers, it also...

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This journal has been created especially for home brewers who like to keep track of their batches, and log the outcome of every brewing experiment. Besides the antique look, everything in this notebook has a function; from reference charts to...

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-Document your house renovation journey with this memory book. Start anytime. Each week, write a few notes about the progress, ideas, surprises, purchases, questions, etc. -5.25x8 in soft cover book -Includes: -“How to Use This Book” Page ...

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Les Petits Macarons is your ultimate and easy guide to making delectable, bakery-quality macarons - at home!Macarons have become a worldwide sensation, whether it be because of their dazzling assortment of colors, their associations with Parisian...

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" Approximately 15,600 nursing homes participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs provide care to 1.4 million residents each year. To help consumers make informed choices about nursing homes, CMS developed the Nursing Home Compare website,...

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How to appraise a restorable structure, obtain financing, and hire subcontractors.One of the surest ways to save a bundle of money on any serious home renovation is to be your own contractor. However, if an individual embarks on this effort not...

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Whether you’re heading to a friendly brunch, family barbecue, church picnic or holiday office party, the perfect crowd-pleasing contribution is at your fingertips! No more worrying about what you can bring to the block party, bake sale or baby...

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The kitchen isn't just for cooking anymore, and homeowners are spending a lot of time and money to make it the true heart of their home. Older houses lack the open floor plan that allows the kitchen to become part of the living area, while an...

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Timeless Style and SimplicitySimple and beautiful, Arts & Crafts furniture designs offer an excellent learning medium for furniture building. The Arts & Crafts style allows the craftsman to build a quality piece of furniture in a reasonable amount...

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Book by Michael A. Pompeii Used Book in Good...

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Influential artist Carson Ellis makes her solo picture-book debut with a whimsical tribute to the many possibilities of home.Home might be a house in the country, an apartment in the city, or even a shoe. Home may be on the road or the sea, in the...

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Just like great Mexican food, this Mexican cookbook begins at the source: classic recipes, bold flavors, and fresh ingredients. Unless you live in a city known for its Mexican food, finding good Mexican cuisine can be challenging―and finding the...

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Handy tips & projects for home handyman. Also a source for hard to find parts &...

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For some, nothing says comfort food like creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, a bubbling potpie or even a pizza loaded savory toppings. For others, a wedge of chocolate cake, creamy milkshakes or freshly baked bread offer enough satisfaction to soothe the...

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Home Sweet Remodeled Home. The American dream of owning a home and then buying or building a bigger and better one is no longer a sure thing. Millions of homeowners stymied by the housing market and the economy have embraced remodeling instead. In...

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Walk through five centuries of homes both great and small—from the smoke-filled manor halls of the Middle Ages to today's Ralph Lauren-designed environments—on a house tour like no other, one that delightfully explicates the very idea of...

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The fun if not functional handbook for the hopeful handyman. Guys: tired of being known as the only man on your block who can't change a flashlight battery without hiring an electrician? Wondering why your wife puts the local emergency room on...

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When picking out a home, there are a number of aspects to keep in mind: location, size, and layout. One issue that many people neglect is energy conservation, which is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of modern life. How do make...

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Ever since the world was introduced to the wonderful creations of native Italians such as pasta, Bolognese and of course, the crowd favorite, Pizza, Italian cuisine has catapulted itself into a state of becoming nothing short of a worldwide...

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A portrait of the strains of a military marriage and meditation on what it means to be left behind—a brave account of the challenges facing the wife of a Naval fighter pilot.When she fell in love with her brother’s best friend, Rachel Starnes...

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DIY For Men: Woodworking, Ham Radio, Blacksmithing, Homemade Weapons and Even DIY Internet Connection Part 1: Woodworking Projects Book 1: DIY Projects: 30 Modern Wood Pallet Projects To Decorate Your Home And Garden Pallets. Those large wooden...

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Authentic and delicious, the recipes in Lemongrass, Ginger and Mint Vietnamese Cookbook bring Vietnamese restaurant favorites to your family’s dining table.From phở and spring rolls to bánh mì and rice porridge, authentic Vietnamese food is...

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Back issue no. 88 contains: Split shake siding the modern way; Make your own bee equipment; A portable mini-cabin; Hungry enough to eat a horse?; Wonderful wilderness wines; Jams and jellies from Mother Nature’s wilderness picks; Solar Power 101...

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Here's a wonderful opportunity to lean back in your own private study and visit more than 200 private offices, dens, and libraries. If you are looking for design inspiration, this book is packed with ideas for floor layouts, paneling and shelving...

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