Walk through five centuries of homes both great and small—from the smoke-filled manor halls of the Middle Ages to today's Ralph Lauren-designed environments—on a house tour like no other, one that delightfully explicates the very idea of...

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The fun if not functional handbook for the hopeful handyman. Guys: tired of being known as the only man on your block who can't change a flashlight battery without hiring an electrician? Wondering why your wife puts the local emergency room on...

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When picking out a home, there are a number of aspects to keep in mind: location, size, and layout. One issue that many people neglect is energy conservation, which is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of modern life. How do make...

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Ever since the world was introduced to the wonderful creations of native Italians such as pasta, Bolognese and of course, the crowd favorite, Pizza, Italian cuisine has catapulted itself into a state of becoming nothing short of a worldwide...

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A portrait of the strains of a military marriage and meditation on what it means to be left behind—a brave account of the challenges facing the wife of a Naval fighter pilot.When she fell in love with her brother’s best friend, Rachel Starnes...

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DIY For Men: Woodworking, Ham Radio, Blacksmithing, Homemade Weapons and Even DIY Internet Connection Part 1: Woodworking Projects Book 1: DIY Projects: 30 Modern Wood Pallet Projects To Decorate Your Home And Garden Pallets. Those large wooden...

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Authentic and delicious, the recipes in Lemongrass, Ginger and Mint Vietnamese Cookbook bring Vietnamese restaurant favorites to your family’s dining table.From phở and spring rolls to bánh mì and rice porridge, authentic Vietnamese food is...

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Back issue no. 88 contains: Split shake siding the modern way; Make your own bee equipment; A portable mini-cabin; Hungry enough to eat a horse?; Wonderful wilderness wines; Jams and jellies from Mother Nature’s wilderness picks; Solar Power 101...

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Here's a wonderful opportunity to lean back in your own private study and visit more than 200 private offices, dens, and libraries. If you are looking for design inspiration, this book is packed with ideas for floor layouts, paneling and shelving...

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A slate roof can be a great asset or a huge pitfall. Which slate roof is on the house you are about to buy? This book helps buyers arm themselves with the knowledge on how to avoid costly mistakes, get inspections, find contractors and get repairs...

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Remodeling Kitchens contains all the information needed to make your kitchen into the attractive and functional room your household deserves. From practical advice about design to professional building techniques you can do, you will find...

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The Pat Fay Method of Home Construction is a Construction Management Book written for the homeowner. Home Construction is far too expensive and the Pat Fay Method teaches the homeowner how to build or remodel for 0/SF or less without a General...

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Wooden shipping pallets have found an unlikely second life: beautiful, handcrafted home décor without the designer price. The DIY market has long been drawn to refurbishing furniture and interior design on a budget, but easily accessible wood...

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Book by Used Book in Good...

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Indian cuisine is widely acknowledged to be among the very best in the world. Now you can make all of the top Indian dishes at home in your own kitchen! From classic Indian dishes served in restaurants around the globe, to innovative fusion dishes...

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Avery Baker was a big city textile designer, until she inherited her aunt’s old Maine cottage and found her true calling—home renovation. But she never expected her latest job would come to such a bone-rattling dead end... For Avery and her...

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“Stangler expresses [the] virtues and properties of this grass-family member, then lays out in detail instructions for 30 projects. The book’s mood is at one with nature: a loose flowing text around color photographs, black-and-white...

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FaveCrafts is once again celebrating National Craft Month with this special gift, 13 Spring Crafts: Easter Craft Ideas, Spring DIY Home Décor, and More, filled with fun seasonal projects from some of the best craft companies and bloggers of...

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Hundreds of inspiring ideas and beautiful photos show homeowners how to combine fixtures and materials to create the luxurious, comfortable bathrooms they've dreamed about. From steam showers with body sprays and rain showerheads to overflow...

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Homeowners will always have a need to maintain their homes. And, part of the routine maintenance requirement will be for painting the inside and outside of the entire house. That’s why house painting services will make for a very lucrative...

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Whether you're a home repair novice or a veteran renovator searching for new tricks of the trade - you'll find invaluable advice and expert knowledge about hand tools straight from master carpenter Norm Abram and contractor Tom Silva in this...

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Prepare your favorite Chinese takeout recipes at home! ***BLACK AND WHITE EDITION*** Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Chinese takeout restaurants can be found everywhere on the planet. All major cities have their...

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This easy to understand, step-by-step guide is clear enough for even a novice to understand, Even if you hire a contractor to build you home, this book will greatly help you understand the process. From shopping for a piece of land to getting a...

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Shelter, like many other elements of human existence, comes at an extraordinary cost to our planet and its inhabitants. In the U.S. alone, construction of 1.2 million new homes a year results in a massive drain on Earth's natural resource base....

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Design and installation techniques, tips, and shortcuts used by professionals.Provides step-by-step instructions, timeframe for completing plus skills and materials lists."Wisdom of the Aisles" on every page guarantees success.Details how to...

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There’s no place like home! The number of homes for sale is on the rise and mortgage rates remain near historic lows. That makes now a great time to say goodbye to your landlord. With Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home, you’ll...

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"An essential text for all students of design . . . [and] inspiration and intel for those simply interested in the art and practice." --Alexa Hampton, from the forewordFrom the nation's top college for interior design comes a definitive design...

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The essential primer and guide to preparing delicious, totally vegan, nut-based cheeses, from the coauthor of The Plantpower Way.   In their debut cookbook, The Plantpower Way, Julie Piatt and her ultra-endurance athlete husband, Rich Roll,...

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Handmade Woven Art for Beginners & BeyondIndulge your macramé obsession the fun way―by making it yourself! Macramé artist and teacher Natalie Ranae will guide you step by step to create stunning designer art pieces to adorn any space with boho...

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Complete with demonstrative illustrations and photographs, Small Space Living offers more than one hundred space-saving ideas from Roberta Sandenbergh, a.k.a the Small Space Architect. Sandenbergh will introduce you to the idea of space...

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Ultimate Guide: Wiring, 8th Edition demystifies residential electrical systems with easy-to-understand language, step-by-step photography, and detailed illustrations. Learn how to: Make common electrical repairs Add new switches and...

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Features: Candice Olson's Decorating Secrets-Lucianna & Mark Samu Kitchen-Architect Michael Antenora Austin TX ranch, Julie & Amedeo Ferraro Malibu...

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So much of what is commonplace today was once considered impossible, or at least wishful thinking. Laser beams in the operating room, cars with built-in guidance systems, cell phones with email access. There's just no getting around the fact that...

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