Published in 1913, herein are recipes and cooking techniques, menus, care of the sick and more used in the White House. Includes portraits of many of the first wives. The White House Cookbook A Comprehensive Cyclopedia of Information for the...

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Discover ALL The Photography Lighting Tricks The Pros Use In No Time!The world of lighting is so vast and varied that you can go your whole life and not learn everything. It requires constant education and keeping up with the new advances that...

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Rule the world and take control of your emotional and mental health from where you sit, stand, and sleep. The Holistic Home is based on an original lifestyle concept focused on creating a dynamic, healthy, and thoughtful space within yourself...

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“Minimum effort and maximum flavor. This Indian cookbook is a must-have for all lovers of Indian food and fuss-free cooking.” ―MasterChef Finalist and food writer Saira HamiltonWhen you’re craving Indian food it can be tempting to reach...

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New York Times Bestseller!What if the house of your dreams is the home you have? Meet Melissa Michaels, creator of the popular blog The Inspired Room and the best contentment coach you'll ever meet. With humor and candor Melissa reveals how to...

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Planting annuals is a great way to quickly add color and texture to any garden, border, or landscape. Because annuals only last for one growing season, you can change the overall look of your garden every year!Create beautiful gardens using...

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Discover classic and contemporary Scandinavian style with specially commissioned photography of homes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Scandinavia is famous for its distinctive style: homes are pared-back and simple, and form and function...

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“Can you change a tire? Then you can make wine. This according to Sheridan Warrick, Berkeley author of The Way to Make Wine, a step-by-step guide for home vintners. Warrick walks readers through each step of the process, explaining in plain...

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The ultimate guide to creating a beautiful home that fits your style and your budget.Find the best ideas and advice for every room in your home, all in one place.Get tips and design coaching on everything from color to space planning from some of...

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Appealing and innovative houses that show creativity, ingenuity, and design savvy for all homeowners today. With striking photographs and compelling stories from its vast home-design archive, the editors of the New York Times’s beloved Home...

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When Kate Whouley saw the classified ad for an abandoned vacation cottage, she began to dream. Transport the cottage through four Cape Cod towns. Attach it to my three-room house. Create more space for my work and life. Smart, single, and...

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Do it yourself instructions. Maintenance and Repair. Buyers Guide to roofing materials. Insulation. Great instructional...

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Demonstrates how to create nearly forty designer storage items through step-by-step, illustrated instructions that offer additional tips on storing and concealing for every room of the...

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Green Your Home All-in-One For Dummies empowers readers to make ecologically-friendly improvements to each and every area of their home. At .99 and 696 pages, this package is a real value and a true source book for readers looking for a...

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CLICK HERE to download the chapter on "Garden Profiles" from Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard* Full color with instructional photographs and garden-design illustrations * Easy, inspiring intro for first-timers who want to grow their own food...

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Essential advice on getting started is given, including the materials and equipment needed. The book is divided into three main sections: Painting Glass, Working with Glass and Glass Mosaic. Each chapter includes a techniques section and a variety...

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A commonsense approach to mortgage shopping discusses pre-qualifying, types of loans available, the loan interview and application process, and approval and...

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”Learn How To Start And Run A Home Based Business." Are you interested in working from home and at the same time building a stable future? Then you have found the answer. After you purchase this book, you will learn realistic methods for...

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In a newly revised fourth edition, this invaluable resource takes an in-depth look into the new American dream—running one’s own e-business from home. Starting with a guide to defining what is most important—time with family, a flexible...

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From "the DIY maven" (Architectural Digest), comes a beautiful, practical craft book for both aspiring and seasoned makers. Here are 60 projects for high-quality furniture, textiles, and accessories to enjoy all through the house--plus all the...

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This superb do-it-yourself and home improvements handbook covers all the information you need about maintaining and improving your house or apartment with complete success, with detailed instructions and helpful hints and tips from expert authors....

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Thanks to the increased amount of travelers visiting India these days, the majesty of Indian cuisine has spread all across the world and has taken the foodies by storm. Each region of India is known for having their own unique blend of flavors...

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This workbook makes the process simple and organized. Fill in the pages with important contacts (from the plumber to the exterminator) and financial facts (including warranties and mortgage details). There’s a tax worksheet, a place to put notes...

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Modern Retro Home is your key to unlocking the secrets behind a thoroughly contemporary home that takes inspiration from the past. Organized into chapters according to each room of your house, Jason Grant takes us inside homes that embrace...

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The award-winning celebrity chef and New York Times best-selling author unwinds at home, sharing 150 relaxed, multicultural dishes For two decades, Marcus Samuelsson has captivated food lovers with his brilliant culinary interpretations. Born in...

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In Home by Design, Sarah Susanka presents the 30 key design concepts that can be applied to any home - no matter what the style or size. Using 28 of the best designed homes from around the country, Susanka brings these concepts to life with 150...

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Start a Business How to Work from Home Making Money with Dropshipping This is a very profitable startup business that will allow you to work from home. All you need with dropshipping is the product information, media files and a reliable supplier....

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Smaller homes are growing in popularity as more people decide to live simpler yet fuller lives with less square footage, less responsibility, and less stuff. Smaller homes can provide substantial savings in tax, building, heating, maintenance, and...

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Save Thousands! Tackle the Easy Fixes Yourself Over 120 Step-by-Step Secrets Revealed The Basics Everyone Can Master  Don’t pay a professional tons of money! We make it so easy for you to tackle the tasks yourself.  Below are some of the...

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HOW TO START A MOTHER’S DAY OUT PROGRAM IN YOUR HOME Do you love children and have an entrepreneurial streak? Do you want to start a part-time “Playgroup for Profit” in your own home? Patricia C. Gallagher provides an invaluable guide for...

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Stuffed with remedies, solutions, ideas, tips, and techniques for gardening, cooking, decorating, managing, and organizing the home, an essential guide provides simple ways to maintain one's home, accompanied by a vast array of photographs,...

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If you're planning to build your own one-story dream home, this extensive collection will show you the best selling and most stylish designs available today! More than 360 plans to help you find & build your dream home More than 250 color photos...

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