Health is Wealth is a book based upon hard evidence; not one filled with pseudo-scientific speculation and overblown promises about so-called wonder foods. Dr. Ignarro was as skeptical as most Western medical professionals are about the ability of...

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With more than two hundred straightforward, nutrient-dense, and appealing recipes, The Heal Your Gut Cookbook was created by GAPS Diet experts Hilary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett to help heal your gut and to manage the illnesses that stem from...

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In the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy explains the scientific laws behind the teachings and healings of Christ Jesus. From the first chapter, "Prayer", to her exegesis of Genesis and...

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A bold look at how commercial agendas distort the real science behind health and fitness studies and misinform the public about how to live a healthy life.  Researcher Timothy Caulfield talks with experts in medicine, pharmaceuticals, health and...

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Promote vibrant health and radiant beauty, soothe everyday ailments, and ease persistent stress with these simple, natural cures for everything from dry skin and infant colic to cold symptoms and insomnia. Renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar...

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Format Paperback Subject Health Fitness Diets Publisher HABITS OF HEALTH PR Dr A s Habits of Health The Path to Permanent Weight Control Optimal...

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Joel Fuhrman's Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease offers precise diet and fasting programs to relieve headache, hypoglycemia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,...

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Contrary to the normal perception that vinegars are only used for cooking, apple cider vinegar has a number of health benefits which you will be amazed to know about. If you are looking for home remedies to prevent Candida, allergies, acne, acid...

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Health and Fitness Activity book by...

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The Ornish Diet has been named the “#1 Best Heart-Healthy Diet” by U.S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years!From the author of the landmark bestseller Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease comes an empowering...

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Now in its fifth edition, Communicating About Health: Current Issues and Perspectives continues to live up to its long-standing reputation as the most dynamic and current exploration of health communication on the market. The book offers rich,...

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Noticeable wear to cover and pages. May have some markings on the inside. Fast shipping. Will be shipped from US. Used books may not include companion...

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CAPTURE THE BENEFITS OF EARTH'S SUPERFOODSLooking for a quick, flavorful and nutritious way to stay youthful and healthy? The Green Smoothies Diet provides the perfect solution! Green smoothies are the best way to power up your body and...

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For centuries, Asian women have relaxed and beautified themselves with exotic therapies derived from the materials of nature; plants, herbs, minerals, clays, and flowers. Until now, Western women could only experience these pleasures by taking...

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Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health is the first textbook to clearly define the intersection of kinesiology and public health. Authors Kohl and Murray, both leaders in the field, offer a solid introduction to the concepts of...

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The sixth edition of this popular handbook provides a thorough and up-to-date overview of the occupational safety and health field and the issues safety professionals face today, and does so in an accessible and engaging manner. An excellent...

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Women are not small men. Stop eating and training like one. Because most nutrition products and training plans are designed for men, it’s no wonder that so many female athletes struggle to reach their full potential. ROAR is a comprehensive,...

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Introduction to Public Health, Fifth Edition offers a thorough, accessible overview of the expanding field of public health for students new to its concepts and actors. Written in engaging, nontechnical language, this best-selling text explains in...

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A shocking look at the link between sugar, inflammation, and a host of preventable chronic diseases—perfect for fans of bestselling author Gary Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar—from leading nerve surgeon Dr. Richard Jacoby.  What Grain Brain...

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Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport, now in its tenth edition, provides the reader with thorough coverage of the role nutrition plays in enhancing one’s health, fitness, and sport performance. Current research and practical activities are...

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Exploring the connection between nutrition and mental wellness so therapists can provide more effective, integrated treatment.Diet is an essential component of a client’s clinical profile. Few therapists, however, have any nutritional training,...

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Proper nutrition is crucial for maintaining one’s general health and well-being; with that in mind, you’ll discover a wealth of nutritional information within this newly updated and expanded version of our best-selling Nutrition study guide....

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From sauerkraut to kombucha, homemade fermented foods and drinks are the latest health trend. Probiotic drinks and fermented foods pack a powerful dose of live cultures that many people credit for improved digestion, immunity, and skin health....

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According to researchers, the vast majority--a whopping 75-98 percent--of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. What we think about truly affects us both physically and emotionally. In fact, fear alone...

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If you want to become known as a parent who cares about your baby’s health, then you need to start learning how to cook up healthy meals. Cooking up healthy meals, of course, is one of those things that is easier said than done. Fortunately,...

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A unique approach to losing weight, and its not by telling you to avoid the chocolate cake! ​How many times have you started a diet and finished it only to realize that it didn’t work they way you wanted? Diets don’t work. We know that....

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At last, a comprehensive cookbook to the hottest eating plan around! 500 Ketogenic Recipes is the ultimate starter guide to getting healthy, building muscle, and managing blood sugar. The ketogenic diet emphasizes high ratios of healthy fats,...

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The New York Times bestseller! More than two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists offer their consensus view that Trump's mental state presents a clear and present danger to our nation and individual well-being.This is not normal.Since the start...

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This easy-to-follow reference guide provides users with an outline format of critical areas of medical assisting. A valuable resource for medical office personnel, it contains numerous explanations, key terms, questions and answers, and...

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Step into the kitchen of renowned food blogger and low-carb guru Carolyn Ketchum as she shows you how to create mouthwatering keto dishes in her new cookbook, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen. She delivers a delectable array of recipes from easy...

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Updated to commemorate its 20th anniversary, this classic resource further explores the effects of grief and sheds new light on how to begin to take effective actions to complete the grieving process and work towards recovery and...

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The runaway New York Times bestselling diet that sparked a health revolution is simpler and easier to follow than ever!The Engine 2 Diet has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and inspired a plant-based food revolution. Featuring endorsements...

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