Planting annuals is a great way to quickly add color and texture to any garden, border, or landscape. Because annuals only last for one growing season, you can change the overall look of your garden every year!Create beautiful gardens using...

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For beginning gardeners and homeowners, this handbook shows you exactly how to plan, build, and plant a simple raised bed. Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy and ensure success! In just a weekend, using a few basic materials...

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Wedding Flowers is the sixth volume in the success series Creativity with flowers. Life3 arranges imaginative and inspirational wedding bouquets, from simply elegant to wildly creative, suiting to every bride-to-be's style, personality and...

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For nearly fifty years, this classic book has led the way in floral design. Flowers: Creative Design contains hundreds of suggestions on new, simpler, and quickermethods of constructing floral pieces. Detailed instructions, profusely...

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With few exceptions-such as corn and pumpkins-everything edible that's grown in a traditional garden can be raised in a container. And with only one exception-watering-container gardening is a whole lot easier. Beginning with the down-to-earth...

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Alli Koch has mastered the art of turning simple doodles into beautifully designed floral illustrations and is giving you her expertise in her book How To Draw Modern Florals. In this step-by-step guide, Alli teaches everything you need to know...

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An inspiring, practical and gorgeous guide to crafting the most realistic and artful paper flowers for arrangements, art, décor, wearables and more, from San Francisco botanical artist Tiffanie Turner. The Fine Art of Paper Flowers is an elevated...

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Heirloom seeds are more than the promise of next summer's crookneck squash or jewel-colored zinnias. They're living antiques handed down from one generation to the next, a rich inheritance of flavor and beauty from long ago and, often, far away....

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A professional sugar crafter shows how to make exceptional sugar flowers for any occasion. Sugar Flower Skills is a beautifully presented catalog of 25 fabulous blooms in a range of styles and degrees of complexity, with all the information...

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Even beginner gardeners can select plants to create a stunning garden as unique as the mid-Atlantic region - with expert help to ensure success! Mid-Atlantic Getting Started Garden Guide is a plant selection guide, perfect for when you're...

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A Simply Gorgeous Adult Coloring Book!!!Unique, Original Art DesignsHigh Resolution, Professionally Printed ImagesPrinted on one side of the paperSerene Garden DesignsPrecious Animal Designs patterned with elements of natureDragonflies,...

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Flowers are a perennial favorite among crafters—especially when they're quick to create, and made with felt, pretty fabrics, and eye-catching stitched embellishments. These 42 floral projects include a simple stemmed marigold; a cascade of silk...

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Get an insider's look at the best garden techniques and landscape design ideas that will inspire you to create your own outdoor retreat.Let the experts at Southern Living take the guesswork out of your gardening... Step-by-step instructions for...

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This is Volume I of a holistic guide to gardening in the South from recently retired University of Florida horticulture extension agent, David Marshall. This will be your most valued gardening reference. The author, who grew up in north Georgia,...

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Go Green in Every Part of Your Life with These Easy, All-Natural Herbal ProductsKick toxic, synthetic skin care products and cleaners out the door and bring the healing joy of nature into your life with the simple, versatile projects in 101 Easy...

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Craft to your heart’s content without making a trip to a specialty store. Once you’ve glimpsed the inspired creations in Paper Goods Projects, you’ll never look at your pantry shelves or recycling bins the same way. Here are 60 fun and...

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The only garden guide with a plant selection as diverse as New England weather. To say that the climate in the northeastern United States is diverse would be an understatement. We've seen football games played in blizzards, been caught in...

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Setting: Contemporary Sensuality Rating: 8 When an unexpected storm disrupts young widow Alicia Russell's camping trip with her two sons, she and the boys are rescued by a mysterious man who offers them shelter for the night. Alicia is reluctant...

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Gardening experts Georgia Tasker and Tom MacCubbin offer foolproof advice on gardening within the diverse landscape of Florida. The Florida Getting Started Garden Guide features region-specific advice on planting, growing, and caring for more...

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Growing flowers can be a lot of fun. It can be a great way to make your yard look great and it definitely helps you to relax and have some fun. You can get your entire family involved or you can just spend some time outside on your own. Plus you...

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Gardening and Homesteading Box Set (12 in 1) Perennial Flowers, Composting, Vertical Gardening, Landscaping and Much More for Your Garden on a Budget Get TWELVE books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you'll receive: Perennial...

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Gardening Projects Box Set (4 in 1) Perennial Flowers, Vertical Gardening and other DIY Projects to Better Your Garden Get FOUR books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you'll receive: Perennial Flowers Vertical Gardening DIY...

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Create Your Own Flower ArtColor in this mix of simple and complex line drawings to create you own beautiful pictures of flowers. Whether we are talking about spring or perennial flowers, or even exotic flowers, plants and flowers provide excellent...

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Small? Yes. A concrete slab populated solely with plastic chairs and an abandoned grill? Not anymore. Chances are your balcony, porch, or patio could use a major makeover. Fern Richardson, charismatic creator of the Life on the Balcony blog, is...

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The domestic cut flower business has experienced a renaissance in the past decade, thanks in large part to the first edition of The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers, which helped thousands of small...

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Move beyond the wallet with an inspiring collection of exciting duct tape projects!Sturdy and resistant, and with a myriad of interesting colors and patterns, duct tape is fast becoming a perfect crafting, home and DIY material.Duct Tape...

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This at-your-fingertips, quick reference to nearly 200 common landscape perennials is your go-to guide. Featuring one plant per page, it provides stunning color photos of foliage, bloom and habit, making it easy to quickly identify perennials in...

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The Ultimate Guide to Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners 2nd Edition: How to Grow Flowers and Vegetables in Raised Beds for a Successful Garden JUST RELEASED 2n EDITION If you're looking for something space efficient but can produce high yields,...

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Make a garden of paper flowers bloom with more than 25 sophisticated patterns designed by Jeffery Rudell, whose work has appeared everywhere from Tiffany & Co. and The New York Botanical Garden to Good Housekeeping magazine. Just follow the...

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Create Your Own Rose Garden! ***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now!*** Can you easily cultivate roses at home? Is it too difficult for the average or inexperienced gardener? When you download An Introduction To Rose...

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From the first instant that I saw the work of Monet and Renoir in an art galley decades ago I was astonished and admired the work so intently that I resolved to create some images that would at least attempt the world of impressionism even though...

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Even beginner gardeners can select plants to create a stunning garden as unique as the Rocky Mountains - with expert help to ensure success!Rocky Mountain Getting Started Garden Guide is a plant selection guide, perfect for when you're choosing...

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Get Started With Straw Bale Gardening! ***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now!*** Can you grow organic vegetables in bales of straw? What advantages does it have over tradition gardening? When you download Gardening: The...

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