Heating water with the sun is a practice almost as old as humankind itself. Solar Water Heating, now completely revised and expanded, is the definitive guide to this clean and cost-effective technology.Beginning with a review of the history of...

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This all-inclusive, self-study resource provides project managers with all the information they need to thoroughly prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. Learning tools in this comprehensive PMP exam prep kit...

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It’s time to debunk all the myths about foods we want to eat. The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Revised Edition delivers facts on foods; no spin, no agenda. In this newly updated nutrition reference guide, acclaimed nutritionist and bestselling...

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DESCRIPTION   This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Nine modules in all provides coverage of: Basic Safety,...

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Discover 55 Eating Habits to Boost Health & Weight Loss! (Quick & Easy to Implement in 3 Days)From the Best Selling author, Linda Westwood, comes Healthy Eating: 55 POWERFUL Eating Habits That Will Keep You Healthy & Feeling Energized! This book...

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BLACK+DECKER's latest edition of the bestselling home-improvement book in North America for more than a decade is completely updated to conform to 2017-2020 national electrical codes. For more than ten years, BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to...

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This easy-to-follow reference guide provides users with an outline format of critical areas of medical assisting. A valuable resource for medical office personnel, it contains numerous explanations, key terms, questions and answers, and...

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An authoritative and contemporary guide to Ansel Adams's Zone System, presented by one of the true masters of this influential photographic...

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As healthcare reform continues to transform US healthcare delivery and processes, one thing remains the same: the importance of quality. This book brings together a team of internationally prominent contributors who provide expertise on current...

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Though its precise origin is up for debate, the Maltese has strong, ancient ties to the Mediterranean, and it is certainly one of the oldest European dog breeds. This small dog has lots of character. It is known to be bold but very affectionate....

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Learn how to make some really cool things with duct tape laying around the house!Imagine having a full list of crafts that you can do with an item that is laying around your house right now!What if you or your kids could make your own purses,...

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Updated to commemorate its 20th anniversary, this classic resource further explores the effects of grief and sheds new light on how to begin to take effective actions to complete the grieving process and work towards recovery and...

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Finally, a research-based book that covers all facets of optimizing the development of muscle and strength. Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength, Second Edition, is a comprehensive training guide and reference that provides *...

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If you're planning to build your own one-story dream home, this extensive collection will show you the best selling and most stylish designs available today! More than 360 plans to help you find & build your dream home More than 250 color photos...

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This adaptation for young readers of The Finest Hours: The True Story of the US Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman tells the story of the shipwreck of two oil tankers and the harrowing Coast Guard rescue...

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Uses a conflict management theme to illustrate state and community politics Politics in States and Communities is distinguished by its focus on politics, its comparative approach, its concern with thorough explanation, its interest in...

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Canon siempre ha sorprendido a los fotógrafos por el diseño, la calidad y la funcionalidad de sus dispositivos. Ahora que usted ha comprado la increíble Canon EOS 650D, necesitará un libro que vaya más allá de un simple recorrido por sus...

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Few house features provide the beauty, warmth, and feeling of home that a fireplace does. But homeowners often find themselves both charmed and intimidated by this architectural wonder. This updated edition of the classic Better Homes and Gardens...

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DELUXE PLATINUM EDITION—BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER! MORE WORKOUTS, MORE NUTRITION, AND MORE EXERCISES FOR A TOTAL PHYSIQUE MAKEOVER.The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Platinum Edition is the definitive workout and nutrition guide, updated and...

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Don't have an ordinary bathroom when Bathroom Ideas You Can Use, Updated Edition gives you all the know-how and inspiration to make is extraordinary. Whether you're planning a full remodel or just replacing a single fixture, Bathroom Ideas You...

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BrownTrouts annual square wall calendar devoted to outhouses has become a cult classic for calendar buyers who have a finely tuned sense of humor. Outside latrines can still be found in the country, especially near farms and old homes. Although...

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Introduce your students to image processing with the industry’s most prized text For 40 years, Image Processing has been the foundational text for the study of digital image processing. The book is suited for students at the college senior...

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Forget those funky robot toys that were all the rage in the '80s, XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Transformations) is the ultimate transformer. This powerful language is expert at transforming XML documents into PDF files, HTML documents, JPEG...

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Do It Yourself Hebrew and Greek is designed for the serious Bible student who wants to discover as accurately as possible what the Bible meant in its original languages but who is not in a position to master those languages. This manual introduces...

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Since Don’t Make Me Think was first published in 2000, hundreds of thousands of Web designers and developers have relied on usability guru Steve Krug’s guide to help them understand the principles of intuitive navigation and information...

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The 5:2 Diet has never been so easy! By cutting back to 800 calories for only two days a week you can lose weight and lower your risk of age-related illnesses. Jacqueline demystifies the latest research, giving you up-to-the-minute guidance to...

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Get the latest boatbuilding tips from this updated classic Since its first publication in 1970, Boatbuilding Manual has become the standard reference in boatbuilding and boat design schools, in the offices of professional builders, and in the...

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Find all of the most up-to-date information you need to design and equip your own greenhouse, all in one place!BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to DIY Greenhouses is a new edition to the popular Complete Guide to Greenhouses & Garden Projects....

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This bestselling on-the-job reference and test preparation guide has been fully revised for the new 2015 CompTIA A+ exam objectives for exams 901 & 902Written by the leading authority on CompTIA A+ certification and training, this self-study book...

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Imagine fazer refeições deliciosas e perder peso sem perceber! Parece um sonho, né? Passeie pelas receitas do Emagreça Comendo Bem e descubra como emagrecer naturalmente, sem perceber, devorando pratos gostosos e fáceis de preparar. O livro...

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Paperback. Pub Date: November 2009 Pages: 272 Language: English Publisher: People's Posts and Telecommunications Press art myth: Dreamweaver Photoshop + Flash web design and beautification is devoted to web graphic design books. Over 30 exquisite...

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Complete step-by-step instructions help you achieve a sustainable, efficient, and attractive yard. The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Landscape Projects is a hardworking, comprehensive manual for renovating, building, and "greening up" your...

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