For courses in Networking/Communications   Motivates readers with a top-down, layered approach to computer networking Unique among computer networking texts, the Seventh Edition of the popular Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach builds...

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A practical, easy to implement, step-by-step guide to the program developed by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride to heal "gut and psychology syndrome": an array of mental and physical symptoms arising from an imbalance in gut...

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The new RISC-V Edition of Computer Organization and Design features the RISC-V open source instruction set architecture, the first open source architecture designed to be used in modern computing environments such as cloud computing, mobile...

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एसएपी जलद जाणून घ्या आणि ते चांगले जाणून घ्या. मास्टर एसएपी एक अद्वितीय ऑन-ऑन प्रोजेक्ट 1....

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Gardening is now the favorite leisure pastime in America. Homeowners are realizing the health benefits derived from gardening and the increase in their home's property value. This book contains easy-to-use advice on the top landscape plant...

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Today’s cameras are more powerful and easy to use than ever—and thanks to The Complete Photo Manual Revised Edition, picture-perfect photos are just a shutter’s click away! This revised edition includes a fresh basics section to help true...

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With its focus on creating efficient data structures and algorithms, this comprehensive text helps readers understand how to select or design the tools that will best solve specific problems. It uses Microsoft C++ as the programming language and...

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The use of digital surveillance technology is rapidly growing as it becomes significantly cheaper for live and remote monitoring. The second edition of Digital Video Surveillance and Security provides the most current and complete reference for...

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En La Máquina, Justin Roff-Marsh muestra cómo seguir a los intrépidos ejecutivos en tres continentes quienes han implementado sus ideas en los últimos 15 años, construyendo funciones de ventas asombrosamente eficientes, y como consecuencia,...

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For one-semester introductory courses in photography.This easy-to-use, inexpensive text introduces students to the fundamentals of photography and suggests ways in which they might create photographs that have meaning. Oriented toward traditional...

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Unlike narrow diets that tell you what to eat and what not to eat, the protocol presented in Digestive Health with REAL Food, 2nd Edition explains why certain foods are problematic for some people, and how to determine if they are problematic for...

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“This book made me happy in the first five pages.” —AJ Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible Award-winning author Gretchen Rubin is back with a bang, with The...

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HDR is both a technical solution to the limitations of digital camera sensors, and a creative tool that can give any image much more impact - but it is not without its pitfalls, and it's essential to understand these if you want to take full...

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This is the Third Edition update to the RAVE Diet & Lifestyle. It has been extensively updated to include more documentation, recipes and sections. This edition does not include the Eating DVD. It describes a diet and lifestyle program that is...

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While there are numerous technical resources available, often you have to search through a plethora of them to find the information you use on a daily basis. And maintaining a library suitable for a comprehensive practice can become quite costly....

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If you’re in need of info on framing construction, look no further. This newly revised and updated edition of our classic visual handbook is loaded with up-to-date code information, the latest material advice, and detailed construction methods....

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Digital Design and Computer Architecture, Second Edition, takes a unique and modern approach to digital design, introducing the reader to the fundamentals of digital logic and then showing step by step how to build a MIPS microprocessor in both...

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El ruido es uno de los problemas que más preocupan a fotógrafos de todos los niveles. A medida que salen modelos nuevos de cámaras fotográficas empiezan a surgir análisis para ver cuanto ruido generan cuando trabajan en ISOs altos. Lo que no...

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Fully Revised and Updated, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing is everything you need to know to brew beer at home from start to finish including new recipes, updated charts on hop varieties, secrets to fermentation, beer kit tips, and more—from the...

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Get a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the core Python language with this hands-on book. Based on author Mark Lutz’s popular training course, this updated fifth edition will help you quickly write efficient, high-quality code with Python....

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Programming skills are indispensable in today’s world, not just for computer science students, but also for anyone in any scientific or technical discipline. Introduction to Programming in Java, Second Edition, by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin...

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Computer Networks, Fourth Edition is the ideal introduction to computer networks. Renowned author, educator, and researcher Andrew S. Tanenbaum has updated his classic best seller to reflect the newest technologies, including 802.11, broadband...

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Specific edition for hotter climates tells gardeners everything they need to know about...

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NOTE: Before purchasing, check with your instructor to ensure you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products exist for each title, and registrations are not transferable. To register for and use Pearson's...

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Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the nation's #1 bestselling guide to natural remedies. The new fifth edition incorporates the most recent information on a variety of alternative healing and preventive therapies and unveils new science on...

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This book is designed to be used as a primary textbook in a college-level first course in computing. It takes a fairly traditional approach, emphasizing problem solving, design, and programming as the core skills of computer science. However,...

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Teacher's Edition, 887...

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You might not think card making has anything in common with cooking, but you will after you see this creative book from the editors of Paper Crafts magazine. In it, you'll find more than 90 of their favorite tried-and-true "recipes," each...

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CPT 2018 Professional Edition is the definitive AMA-authored resource to help health care professionals correctly report and bill medical procedures and services. Providers want accurate reimbursement. Payers want efficient claims processing....

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The new edition of the best-selling six-level Reading Explorer series will bring the world to the classroom like never before through new and updated topics, video, and visuals from National Geographic. Reading Explorer teachers learners to think...

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The Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide: Updated Edition (USA Version: Washington State) is an updated and revised version of the original edition. This comprehensive curriculum guide provides six modules that can be used together or...

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