Beauty & Grooming - Here comes another season of weddings and festivities and the weather is slowly turning a little balmy. With so many weddings the same old boring hairstyles will not work out. How about these simple yet awesome hairdos to make...

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MEAL PREP For Weight Loss, Clean Eating And Staying Healthy Are you tired of coming home from work every single day and then having to cook? Do you feel like after the hassle of making a meal, you don’t have time for anything else? Meet Meal...

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Bestselling author of The Starch Solution and The Healthiest Diet on the PlanetAs featured in the book and movie Forks Over Knives!By greatly simplifying the work involved in preparing healthy, whole food, exciting meals, bestselling authors...

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Your all-in-one low sodium cookbook and meal plan for fast, effortless meals that your heart (and taste buds) will thank you for.Eat healthier, feel better-it sounds so simple. Yet, for many Americans with high blood pressure or heart disease,...

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Whether you re eating paleo, ketogenic, glutenfree,or sugar-free, George's recipes are sure to fit your dietary needs. These recipes are so delicious, you won't believe they are low-carb and you'll love that they can be made quicker, easier, and...

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We all have busy lives and sometimes time management can be hard to do. So often we give up on ourselves just to be able to do more work or to spend more time with the kids. Companies started to speculate this rush in doing things so they offer us...

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Part 1 You’re about to discover how to make incredibly simple, unbelievably tasty meals that will help you lose weight fast and easily without having to figure out a complicated diet or formula. This book focuses on real foods for real people...

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Is The Mediterranean Diet for You?Today's special, grab this Amazon bestseller TODAY ONLY for just .97 and SAVE .02 (52.1%).Regularly priced at .99.If you BUY this bestseller NOW you are getting the Kindle version for FREE! Do you want to...

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Too often, homeowners spend money they will not get back when they sell. Home remodeling requires careful planning. The Ultimate Guide for Improving and Adding Value to Your Home is a guide on what home improvements to make in order to maximize...

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Is your child halfway through first grade and still unable to read? Is your preschooler bored with coloring and ready for reading? Do you want to help your child read, but are afraid you'll do something wrong? RAs DISTARreg; is the most successful...

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Good-for-you superfoods have never been so easy to eat at every meal!   From on-the-go breakfasts to small bites to effortless dinners, Superfoods 24/7 makes it easier  than ever to eat the world’s most nutritious foods at every meal, for a...

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Creating creepy crafts is one of the most fun ways to celebrate Halloween. Not only does it allow you to unleash your creativity, it offers the chance to enjoy plenty of quality time with family and friends. In this illustrated step-by-step guide,...

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Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet cookbook has 380 quick & easy satisfying recipes to help slim down without sacrificing the foods you love.  Included are creamy pastas, casseroles and rich desserts, and all are designed to help you lose...

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If you are making a cheese ball, it would be a simple step to use a toothpick and make small individual Cheese Ball Bites, similar to the Cake Pop concept so popular right now. A lovely serving idea for these particular Cheese Balls is to use a...

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Do you want to lose weight and feel great at the same time? Do you want to be able to achieve this in just 30 days? Most people think that a diet is a long-term challenge which puts many off the idea. The fact is that most people fail to see much...

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Old Windows Made Easy is the book for anyone who wants to learn the art of window restoration. This is NOT some technical manual that covers a bunch of obscure facts and techniques that only professional preservationists will find useful. Is is...

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Australia's leading and most trusted cook, Donna Hay, makes life easier for every cook, with super easy, super delicious and super quick family meals. Donna Hay is all about making life easier. Her new cookbook, the new easy, is her result of her...

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If you've ever paid too much for framing...if you want to make small quilted items for yourself or for gifts...this is the book for you! Renowned quilt artist and teacher Gai Perry walks you through the process of framing your own quilts and other...

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Simple, healthy recipes that will satisfy the pickiest eaters Parents magazine has been helping parents make smart decisions about their kid's health and wellbeing for more than 80 years. And what children eat is most important of all for growing...

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By Kindle Customer on July 1, 2016"Some great recipes and easy. Throw in cooker and dinner ready when you want. Saves a lot of time. Pot roast recipe I have already tried and it was delicious."Youtube - Video - Pot Dump...

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Discover Over 300 of the Best Crafting Ideas! Whether you want to (1) learn how to make exciting new crafts, (2) make beautiful crafted works of art, or (3) just enjoy a variety of incredible crafts that you can make for yourself, family and...

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Are you wondering how to make money from home with minimal effort starting TODAY. In this book i will give you 5 different but fool-proof ways to start making money. These strategies are all practical and applicable to our lives. Some of these...

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Carve the perfect Halloween masterpiece! Whether you're a first-time pumpkin carver or an experienced pro, create the best jack-o-lantern on the block with this handy guide.Impress those trick-or-treaters with clever, easy-to-carve pumpkin ideas....

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If you have always wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, then this is certainly the perfect book for you. Inside of this book, Healthy Dinners: Easy and Healthy Dinner Recipes for a Healthier You, you will discover over 25 healthy dinner recipes...

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Scrapbooking is more than just sticking and fastening ribbons and buttons or clipping on and putting together photographs and love poems. Scrapbooking marks out special life events. Each page commits to memory people and places in your life...

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Let us speak about our free time!What could we do when we have a free time? We can read a favorite book in solitude, spend time with friends or take this time to our children and family. However, how could we save our free time? “Meal Prep...

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The Ketogenic Diet: An Easy Book to Start Your Keto Diet —your all-in-one resource for starting—and sticking to—the ketogenic diet As a resolve, this book incisively presents the ketogenic diet to be your ultimate solution. The amazing...

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With her charming style, delicious recipes, bestselling cookbooks, and popular cooking show, Nigella Lawson has become a household name -- symbolizing all that is sumptuous and pleasurable about food.In Nigella Bites, Nigella shares her favorite...

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“In The Easy Anti Inflammatory Cookbook, Karen Frazier provides simple, speedy, tempting recipes that come together quickly and are easy to customize.”—Lulu Cook, RDN, co-author of The Complete Anti Inflammatory Diet for Beginners Chronic...

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Delicious meals in minutes the whole family will enjoy Eat right for diabetes and get dinner on the table fast with this photo-filled collection of easy, everyday meals from Diabetic Living—the only lifestyle magazine for individuals living with...

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The battle over green water, brown water, cloudy water, string algae, ammonia, fish pollution and debris is finally over!Water Clarity Secrets for Ponds and Water Gardens is dense with surprising insider secrets and advice for eliminating and...

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Learning to be a maker has never been more fun. Full-color cartoons and drawings lead you through the steps needed for making a wizard wand, a sanding block, a charging station for your phone or tablet, and a sturdy box with a hidden compartment....

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This book is full of easy do-it-yourself win-win emotional and financial solutions that will help you to avoid the needless pain and suffering that is often associated with separation and divorce. It also has the potential to save you thousands of...

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