The Florida Friendly Landscaping Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape...

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This edition covers the latest technique in loudspeaker system design both at home and broad. It concentrates on high performance loudspeaker system design with numerous pictures and charts, introducing the basic features of loudspeaker, theory...

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The Resilient Farm and Homestead is a manual for developing durable, beautiful, and highly functional human habitat systems fit to handle an age of rapid transition. Ben Falk is a land designer and site developer whose permaculture-research farm...

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Prepare beginning programmers with the most important principles for developing structured program logic with Farrell's highly effective PROGRAMMING LOGIC AND DESIGN, COMPREHENSIVE, 8E. This popular text takes a unique, language-independent...

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The following manual describes how an average DIY guy can build a BBQ Island in a few days, and save 100’s even 1000’s of $ $ in the process.A typical BBQ Island is constructed of steel studding and Hardibacker cement board. The average cost...

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Six easy-to-understand steps give homeowners the confidence to transform ho-hum rooms into spaces that are stylish, functional, and fun.Readers learn how to combine all six elements to create a successful decorating scheme.Follows Design on a...

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Creative inspiration and expert advice for anyone considering a home...

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What is the attraction of ponds? Why do so many homeowners choose a sitewith a pond on the property, or build their own water vista? Ponds, when properly managed, enhance a property. Ponds provide an environment for fish, recreational...

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The ultimate guide to creating a beautiful home that fits your style and your budget.Find the best ideas and advice for every room in your home, all in one place.Get tips and design coaching on everything from color to space planning from some of...

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Today's students of architecture, interior design, and landscape design need to master the art of marketing themselves via both traditional handheld and digital portfolios. Design Portfolios: Moving from Traditional to Digital, 2nd Edition,...

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One of the last surviving members of the futurist generation, Bruno Munari's Design as Art is an illustrated journey into the artistic possibilities of modern design translated by Patrick Creagh published as part of the 'Penguin on Design' series...

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Do it yourself instructions. Maintenance and Repair. Buyers Guide to roofing materials. Insulation. Great instructional...

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With a revolutionary new “Climate Battery” design for near-net-zero heating and cooling By the turn of the nineteenth century, thousands of acres of glass houses surrounded large American cities, becoming a commonplace symbol of the market...

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One of the most difficult tasks for a designer is to translate concepts into specific and detailed organizations of space. From Concept to Form in Landscape Design, Second Edition provides vital, functional techniques that make the transformation...

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The New Smart Approach® to Bath Design explains everything a homeowner needs to know to design and decorate a bathroom. Helping readers to think like a professional, this book provides advice for designing a master bath, family bath, kids' bath,...

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Welcome to the happy and colorful world of Notebook Doodles! Inside Notebook Doodles Go Girl! you'll find:30 inspiring Notebook Doodles designs waiting to be filled with color20 fun color palettes to help you get started on your coloring...

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In Home by Design, Sarah Susanka presents the 30 key design concepts that can be applied to any home - no matter what the style or size. Using 28 of the best designed homes from around the country, Susanka brings these concepts to life with 150...

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Hacienda Courtyards Karen Witynski and Joe P. Carr Photographs by Karen Witynski Towering walls covered in flowering vines, carved stone columns, tranquil water fountains, and seductive palm-lined pools create the serene oasis that is the...

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Do you want to increase the quality of your pictures and make them world class? Are other photoshop tutorials too complicated?Then Read Below.Photoshop is of great importance to engineers, bloggers, designers, artists and promotors in the digital...

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Design Ideas for Fireplaces is the ultimate guide to the latest materials, products, and styles in fireplaces and wood- and gas-burning stoves. With 450 color photographs, Design Ideas for Fireplaces amply illustrates every choice in fireplaces...

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Few house features provide the beauty, warmth, and feeling of home that a fireplace does. But homeowners often find themselves both charmed and intimidated by this architectural wonder. This updated edition of the classic Better Homes and Gardens...

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For nearly fifty years, this classic book has led the way in floral design. Flowers: Creative Design contains hundreds of suggestions on new, simpler, and quickermethods of constructing floral pieces. Detailed instructions, profusely...

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Sunset Books’ Design Guides are a new generation of design books, for the new generation of homeowners. In Backyards, author Bridget Bradley offers the ultimate guide to creating a beautiful backyard that fits your home and your budget....

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This book, the most comprehensive and basic working tool available to the design professional, encompasses every area of expertise required in the practice of contemporary interior design. Architects, interior designers, drafters, specifiers, and...

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Even Santa likes to color with this perfectly-sized stocking stuffer of 28 wild and whimsical holiday illustrations!Portable format adult coloring book, so you can bring the creative world of coloring anywhere you goLies flat with a top-edge...

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Covers all aspects of keeping and caring for koi, a brightly colored freshwater fish that is suitable for most pond...

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Have you ever wanted to know how modern digital communications systems work? Find out with this step-by-step guide to building a complete digital radio that includes every element of a typical, real-world communication system. Chapter by chapter,...

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Turn a shady yard into a sumptuous gardenShade is one of the most common garden situations homeowner’s have, but with the right plant knowledge, you can triumph over challenging areas and learn to embrace shade as an opportunity instead of an...

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Gardening enthusiasts will be inspired by this series of garden design books from more than 50 of America's best gardeners, landscape architects, horticulturists, and nursery owners. They'll discover a wealth of information on everything from...

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Put your course online now, without sacrificing pedagogical quality Conquering the Content: A Blueprint for Online Course Design and Development, Second Edition is a highly practical guide to creating online courses. With guidance on...

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Paperback. Pub Date: November 2009 Pages: 272 Language: English Publisher: People's Posts and Telecommunications Press art myth: Dreamweaver Photoshop + Flash web design and beautification is devoted to web graphic design books. Over 30 exquisite...

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A total, all-in-one guide to modern landscape irrigation strategies, techniques, and hardware Landscape Irrigation is designed to function as both a professional reference and a junior- to senior-level text for students of landscape architecture,...

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