Whether it's poolside fun or outdoor entertaining, Deck and Patio Design Guide by Meredith Books, can help you create an outdoor venue that works for your lifestyle. Including over 200 photos filled with great ideas, this book will provide...

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In the stormy seas of today's world economy, organizations needall hands on deck In the stormy seas of today's world economy, organizations needpeople to own their work, not just rent a spot on the organizationchart. All Hands on Deck is a...

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This is the ultimate guide to adding the perfect deck! How to add the perfect deck—whether doing it yourself or working with a contractor Hundreds of step-by-step color photographs highlight the clear, concise, friendly text 30 deck projects...

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The Essential decking guide for choosing the right company to design and build your deck project. With 15 years’ experience in the industry I felt that it would be helpful to separate fact from fiction when faced with so much information on what...

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At a time when we seek closer connection with the natural world, The Druid Craft Tarot Deck invites us to celebrate the earth and the rhythm of her seasons. This acclaimed deck created by practising Druids combines the two great streams of Western...

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Get everything you need to know to build 25 outdoor projects, from benches to birdbaths! Deck & Patio Furnishings is a collection of easy to intermediate projects that any homeowner with basic tools can build. These practical projects for outdoor...

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No longer just a bland square of pressure-treated lumber nailed to the back of the house, decks have taken on new shapes, surfaces, and levels. And patios have evolved from dull slabs of poured concrete to encompass a wide range of forms and...

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Deck Designs, 4th Edition, shows readers the latest design trends and materials in deck building. Following the format of the previous editions of the best-selling Deck Designs, the all-new edition features the work of five new deck designers...

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Yoga is fun! Get kids bending, breathing, and stretching with The Kids Yoga Deck. Playful poses such as Cat, Flower, Airplane, and Gorillaas well as partner poses that can be performed with friendsteach kids the basics of yoga. Easy enough for...

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This Garden Decking eBook contains detailed information on some 27 decking design features that are of vital importance for most home owners planning a decking project.It will make the job of planning your deck so much easier. Furthermore, when it...

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Deck Designs, 3rd Edition shows readers the latest design trends and materials in deck building. Following the format of the best-selling Deck Designs, the all-new edition features the work of four new deck designers whose work represents four...

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This photo-rich book is the tool every DIYer and homeowner needs to plan and design a beautiful custom deck.If you're looking to build a new deck or remodel the one you have, you want to start by spreading some innovative deck designs in front of...

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For homeowners, one of the most challenging aspects of building a deck is choosing a design that works both functionally and aesthetically. Deck Designs, an updated and expanded edition of Creative Homeowner's leading deck book, offers a...

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The definitive guide to building the most popular exterior construction project there is, Building a Deck walks you through the entire process of creating a quality, custom deck: from the planning stages, through construction, to the custom...

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Shows homeowners who already have decks or patios how to improve them.Expert guidance for do-it-yourself upgrades, including seating, railings, outdoor kitchens, lighting, fountains, and built-in storage.Includes color photos, step-by-step...

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The most detailed, most current and most complete deck building book on the market. It reflects the latest changes in building codes and it features deck building materials that are popular today. The additional two signatures (32 pages) contain...

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The perfect do-it-yourself guide for outdoor living accessories. Learn how to make 30 practical and decorative projects for use in the garden, courtyard, patio, deck, or porch.Step-by-step photos and instructions for creating candleholders, bird...

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Here is a collection of professionally designed decks that homeowners with average skills can build. Colorful, detailed construction drawings, a materials guide, and suggestions on adapting the plans to different situations make this a practical,...

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An inspiring look at dozens of beautiful decks that can help homeowners come up with ideas for their own...

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'How to Design a deck Step-by-Step' is a garden design book that will guide you through planning the perfect deck, quickly and easily. The book will show you simple techniques that will enable you to design a deck that enhances your home and...

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Book by Used Book in Good...

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Another release of Better Homes and Garden's smash hit landscaping book. Stuffed with 408 pages of brand new material from the editors of Better Homes and Gardens books, this complete guide to landscaping has everything for you to transform your...

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