The California Contractors License Law & Reference Book is a must-have resource for anyone interested in becoming licensed as a contractor in California. Created in conjunction with the California Contractors License Board, this newest edition...

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The popular language of status-conscious architecture is explored in this account of the notorious do-it-yourself remodels clustered on the fringe of Beverly Hills in West Hollywood. These former stucco bungalows have been transformed by their...

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Rick Stein brings his unrivaled enthusiasm and trusted expertise to the fresh, flavorful food of Mexico and California. No one better captures the food essence of a country and brings the best recipes into our kitchens like Rick. Starting in San...

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Want to pass the California Contractor Building (B) Exam on your first try?We offer an extensive and easy to learn California Contractor Building (B) Exam study guide that has everything you need to pass the test and get your license.We guarantee...

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An estimated 70 percent of California divorces encounter problems. This book addresses issues based on the most current law, for both respondents and petitioners. Readers learn to define strategies, protect themselves, negotiate a fair settlement,...

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Landscape Plants for California Gardens offers the most comprehensive color illustrated reference on native and ornamental species for all of California. It provides systematic coverage of climate zones, water needs, plant lists and planting...

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This second edition of WaterWise Landscaping with Trees, Shrubs, & Vines includes additional information for California and the Desert Southwest, plus more about waterbudgets, and other new developments. Be Waterwise! Group together plants of...

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The beauty, resources, and natural processes of the California landscape are brought to the home garden in Mark Francis and Andreas Reimann's fine testament to ecological gardening. The authors connect history, culture, region, and design to help...

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Leopold Classic Library is delighted to publish this classic book as part of our extensive collection. As part of our on-going commitment to delivering value to the reader, we have also provided you with a link to a website, where you may...

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This book together with The Xeriscape Flower Gardener create a handy, two-volume, comprehensive xeriscape guide for any region that relies on irrigation. Waterwise landscaping is made easy with over 1,000 plants rated for water needs. Be...

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Baseball in San Diego: From the Plaza to the Padres, takes the reader on a seven-decade journey from Horton Plaza, the site of San Diego's first base ball game in 1871, to lower Broadway and the future home of Lane Field. Before the Pacific Coast...

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A must-have for every gardener in California looking for a new way to garden in a changing climate In recent years California has been facing extreme drought, and in 2015 they passed state-wide water restrictions that affect home owners....

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Inspirational, practical, and easy to use, this book was created with the aim of conveying the awesome diversity and beauty of California's native plants and demonstrating how they can be brought into ecologically sound, attractive, workable, and...

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Bringing together the experience, perspective and expertise of Paul Farmer, Jim Yong Kim, and Arthur Kleinman, Reimagining Global Health provides an original, compelling introduction to the field of global health. Drawn from a Harvard course...

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In Remodel (previously published in hardcover as House Transformed), architect Matthew Schoenherr shares insight gained through an architectural practice that is 90% renovation work. This book features 20 projects across the country, each of which...

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Water shortages and water rationing are commonplace throughout California, rendering expanses of lawn and thirsty, nonnative plants unsustainable. The California Native Landscape addresses both concerns by showing homeowners how to succeed with...

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Reimagining the California Lawn features water-conserving plants from around the world and offers design ideas and practical solutions to help you create a vibrant garden that complements our mediterranean climate. From greenswards and meadows to...

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Make a Californian home landscape more attractive and functional with California Home Landscaping, third edition. Like the other titles in this series, this book contains three parts: Design Portfolio, Guide to Installations, and Plant Portraits....

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