SUPERB SELFIE – The Most Important Knowledge On How To Take Beautiful And Charming Selfies: Tutorial 01

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How come there are so many of you taking selfies in public toilets and other absolutely inappropriate places?

Do you really think that you look MARVELOUS and DESIRABLE…. in toilet…?!

Each and every element visible in a photo matters – because everything in our lives is perceived through associations already existing in our minds.

No matter how beautiful your dress or face is, the slightest hint suggesting you have taken a photograph of yourself in a toilet automatically triggers all the associations related with toilets. Toilets are often dirty and smelly…. and, looking at the picture, it seems that all this starts to surround your dress….. and your face.

I have seen many selfies of this kind.

In order to change this whole situation and to make the world (including you!) more beautiful, I have created this eBook containing recommendations on how to take CHARMING and IRRESISTIBLE selfies.

I am a photographer (male) whose main interest in photography is portraiture of female models. I photograph FASHION and GLAMOUR.

The information in this eBook – in its essence – is PRO knowledge adjusted FOR YOU, so that you can easily start to take BEAUTIFUL SELFIES with your smartphones.

* I’m from a non-English-speaking European country, therefore please forgive me if my English grammar is not perfect. However, this book is prepared with the help of professional translators.