Super Foods Eat Your Way to Good Health

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Super Foods is a simple and inspiring guide to eating for optimum health. It features more than 90 recipes that are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, and sugar, each bursting with nutrient-rich or “super” foods that will help nourish, heal, and restore. Whether you have coeliac disease, food allergies, or you just want to springclean your body and banish fatigue, this is your one-stop shop for easy, vibrant, and flavorful meals that will jump-start your immune system, boost your energy levels, and maintain your long-term well-being. Super Foods helps you find better alternatives for the foods your body might not agree with. It’s a must-have kitchen companion!” –James Colquhoun, Producer-Director, Food Matters gluten-free wheat-free dairy-free yeast-free sugar-free