ReModel: Create mental models to improve your life and lead simply and effectively

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We all know of people who live amazing lives, full of passion, meaning, happiness, relationships, and success. We all want to make our lives more like that. This book shows you how—simply, on your own, and in ways that last.

ReModel builds on the parable of the three stone-cutters. One is miserable and says he is cutting stone. The second, happier, says he is a craftsman. The third, with a visionary gleam in his eye, says he is building a glorious monument. Monument builders aren’t just happier. They accomplish more with more satisfaction.

Joshua Spodek—an Ivy League PhD and MBA, as well as successful entrepreneur, leadership coach and Professor—describes what makes the monument builder different and how you can become one, using exercises and anecdote, in simple language with no jargon or new-age mysticism.

The book presents a simple exercise to expose the beliefs and mental models that filter how you view the world, create value and meaning, and influence all the choices that make you you. Once you know your beliefs and mental models you can change them and make yourself who you want.

The book teaches the powerful skill of creating and adopting your own mental models consistently, reliably, and predictably. Dr. Spodek reminds you that as valuable and helpful as ReModel’s models are, they are a minor part of the book. The major point is what they illustrate—that you can create and choose your models. He would rather you reject every model in the book but learn to create better ones for you than to adopt his but not learn that skill.

ReModel walks you through making your life a glorious monument—of passion, meaning, happiness, relationships, and success.