Raw Workflow from Capture to Archives: A Complete Digital Photographer’s Guide to Raw Imaging

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‘Raw Workflow from Capture to Archives’ provides specific, practical explanations and how-to instructions for the digital photographer mastering this process. The most comprehensive book devoted to simplifying raw workflow, this guide will demystify raw functions in the camera, raw converter, image processing and enhancement software, and digital asset management programs. Not restricting itself to a single workflow this valuable resource discusses the latest applications that deal with raw files, including special plug-ins, stand alone programs and custom applications. Shooting raw gives you complete creative control over your images and is the hottest topic in digital photography today. Learn how to take advantage of the benefits of raw to increase your creative control and streamline your raw workflow in this informative guide.

*The how-to guidebook on RAW file capture, processing and creativity!
* Straightforward example workflow solutions for Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0, Aperture and Lightroom and other software innovations for raw imaging
* Demystifies raw functions in the camera, computer, during download, and conversion, and finally during image processing