RAW Pipeline: Revolutionary Techniques to Streamline Digital Photo Workflow (A Lark Photography Book)

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Digital photography has changed the visual world, bringing an onslaught of new tools, techniques, and technology—a daunting challenge for photographers trying to keep up with the latest innovations. Fortunately, that task has just gotten a little easier. RAW Pipeline is the solution to mastering the biggest, most important innovation in digital photography: the RAW image file. It explains exactly what a RAW file is, and how to process and efficiently control it. Discover new ways to “think RAW” while shooting and new methods for effectively handling RAW’s time-demanding processing requirements in the computer. Learn how to harness the power of Photoshop’s layers and masks—and then break the boundaries of image control by combining these with Adobe’s ingenious Smart Object technology. Finally, you’ll see how to navigate the RAW workflow process—with the end result being a fine-art quality print. RAW Pipeline will truly revolutionize how you work on your images in Photoshop.


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