Professional Poses for Models and Photographers (MPSQE * Master Pro Secrets Quick & Easy Book 7)

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Professional Poses for Models and Photographers

Professional Poses for Models and Photographers is designed for models, photographers and anyone who like to spice up their modelling and photography. They are wonderful to use both in the studio and on location. The poses in this book are suited for fashion, editorial, lifestyle and casual everyday photography. Each photograph is numbered for easy reference. Having a picture is the easiest way to convey a pose rather than attempting to explain it in detail. These poses can be done by almost anyone from beginners to professional models with little or no practice. All poses are done with a plain background so that the model can concentrate on the pose. Shoot the images from different angles and with different sceneries to create more variety. This guide contains several hundred poses, so you will never run out of ideas when you have this guide handy. These poses will open new experiences for many people and will increase your enjoyment of photography and modelling.