Pork Chop Recipes : 50 Delicious of Pork Chop

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A pork chop is a cut of meat obtained from the backbone of the pork. An adult pork chop usually contains part of a vertebra and part of its corresponding rib, and is generally large enough to be served as an individual portion for a person. In the case of lamb chops, however, for a single person usually serve several chops, because in the lamb are smaller than in the pig. Pork chops can be sold marinated to give them more flavors. As the pork needs to be cooked longer than the veal, and therefore there is a risk of drying the meat too much, the pork chops can be seasoned in brine to retain moisture. These chops can be sold both fresh and smoked. It is one of the most prized meat cuts of this animal. With a good price, tasty and tender, it allows to prepare dishes consistent and very easy to cook. Many people enjoy simply with a good chop of fried or grilled pork, but also it is worth to take into account more complete recipes, like the cooked encebollada, with mango sauce, sautéed cabbage, or with bacon and cheese. In addition, the marinated pork chop and red wine sauce is a really exquisite dish.