Photoshop CC Essentials for Photographers: Chelsea & Tony Northrup’s Video Book

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This video book will quickly teach you what every photographer needs to know about Photoshop CC, including:

Removing blemishes and distractions

Creating amazing, natural-looking portraits

Changing the color of clothing and hair Changing the shape of bodies and objects

Using layers, adjustment layers, and masks

Replacing skies and backgrounds

Straightening lines and buildings

Compositing multiple images together

Changing facial expressions and poses

Creating complex selections and masks Creating panoramas

Creating actions to automate tasks Choosing the best image formats

Customizing and configuring Photoshop CC

Tony & Chelsea go beyond teaching you how to use Photoshop; they teach you why and when to use each feature to create stunning, natural images. When Photoshop isn t the best tool, they suggest other alternatives.

Combining the benefits of video training and book learning, this video book gives you over 10 hours of video and dozens of images to practice with. If you learn better with video, watch the video training and refer to the book for quick reference. For best results, walk through each procedure in the book using the provided sample images. Then, watch the videos to learn more advanced and artistic techniques.

If you still have questions, or want peer review, join our Photoshop group on Facebook and get feedback from other Photoshop users. Tony and Chelsea cover every aspect of Photoshop in-depth, but structure their teaching so that both beginner and advanced photographers can learn as efficiently as possible.