The Paris Apartment is a popular shop in New York's East Village, where visitors can step back in time and immerse themselves in the beauty and romance of antique furnishings. Reflecting an unusual mix of design influences (Baroque, rococo,...

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Bestselling author, Instagram sensation, and lettering extraordinaire Chalkfulloflove has already introduced thousands to the art of hand lettering with her first book, Hand Lettering 101: An Introduction to the Art of Creative Lettering. Her...

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Detective Sarah Garland is happy that a harsh winter in Alaska has ended and spring has arrived. The joy of spring, she hopes, will take away the difficult battles she faced during the winter months. What could go wrong with fresh, warm air...

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GNU Image Manipulation Program (usually referred to simply as "GIMP") is a powerful image editing software application.GIMP is a free photo editing software. It was originally, UNIX based software that was ported into Windows and other platforms,...

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Grandma’s Natural Remedies And Ancient Recipes - Volume 3 - How to cure a common cold and other health related remedies Table of contents Introduction Grandma’s rules For Simple Living Grandma’s easy Health Remedies Wake up energy drink...

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25 Delectable, Nutritious, & Fulfilling Meals in Just 20 Minutes The Daniel Diet is a healthy lifestyle plan, which provides all of the essential nutrients your body needs, while ensuring that you achieve your objective of losing those extra...

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All Killer, No Filler: The Absolute Best Weber Recipes Ever Published, in One Amazing Collection For decades, Weber grills have set the standard for backyard grills, and Weber’s cookbooks have delighted grilling enthusiasts. But out of more than...

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Proven natural remedies to help clear your home of ants... for GOOD!Today only, own this book for only .99. Regularly priced at .99. Read on your kindle device, PC, Apple device, tablet, or smart phone.Sick and tired of ants roaming around your...

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NOW A NATIONAL BESTSELLERThe definitive guide to spreading ideas, building movements, and leaping ahead in our chaotic, connected age. Get the book New York Times columnist David Brooks calls "the best window I’ve seen into this new world."Why...

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Fully revised for the CEH v9 exam objectives, this valuable bundle includes two books, exclusive electronic content, and a bonus quick review guideThis thoroughly updated, money-saving self-study set gathers essential exam-focused resources to use...

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God's Way to Ultimate Health offers a powerful and timely reminder of the diet God originally provided for mankind, and shows how far we have strayed from God's plan. This book shows how we can regain our health simply by returning to the diet and...

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The Mediterranean Diet is not a diet, as in "go on a diet," even though it's a great way to lose weight and improve your health. Rather, it's a lifestyle, based upon the traditional foods (and drinks) of the countries that surround the...

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The popular cookbooks that serve as the standard for millions with diabetes--now featuring the rich regional flavors of America. Those with diabetes no longer have to sacrifice sumptuous flavor to maintain sound nutritional practices. Line...

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Filled with hundreds of color photographs, this comprehensive handbook in the highly successful 150 Best design series showcases the latest in successful small house design from some of today’s most distinguished international architects and...

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From the #1 wedding website, this completely revised and updated edition of the classic wedding planning bible answers all of your questions, with all the latest information and tools a bride could want. Overwhelmed by the countless questions and...

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A stunning flower garden that blooms throughout the seasons depends on the artful combination of annuals, perennials, and bulbs!600 photographs illustrate flowers, gardening tips, and techniquesOver 40 step-by-step photo sequences take you through...

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Perfect bound soft cover, professionally designed composition notebook with 100 lined pages for writing or travel notes. Makes a great gift idea for any professional or amateur photographer. Use as a writer's daily journal, office or school notes,...

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This amazing and comprehensive eBook includes three extra helpful, related reports as an added bonus:1. Walking for Exercise2. Exercising from Home and3. A 28 Day Mediterranean Diet PlanNote: You will receive over 1,500 traditional Mediterranean...

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Escape the Dieting Trap and Transform Your LifeHave you been spinning your wheels, trying diet after diet, only to lose and regain the same 10, 20, or 30 pounds over and over again? Author Ari Whitten’s here to tell you that it’s not your...

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The Canadian Living Test Kitchen delivers an all-new recipes to the Complete Vegetarian Cookbook.A follow-up to Canadian Living's best-selling Vegetarian Collection, which went to a second edition, Canada's most authoritative test kitchen brings...

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Over 25 magical projects with easy-to-follow instructions!Welcome to the world of Unicorns! We love these magical and mythical horned creatures that inspire the imagination with their wonder and vibrancy. This book explores the magic and fun of...

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Ever wanted to design your own garden? This book will reveal the design procedures, which plants are best suited to which designs or environments, and how you can use other design modules to make the best use out of your existing space. You will...

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With so many great knitting patterns online, we've rounded up some of the best Mother's Day crafts for adults we could find in this free collection! Inside our latest eBook, Mother’s Day Crafts for Adults: 9 Easy Knitting Projects for Mom, you...

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Are you ready to take ketogenic or keto diet, but don’t know where to start? Calm your nerves! If you are probably asking “what should I Take?” you are on the right page. This cookbook is prepared to offer comprehensive guidance and answers...

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Halogen ovens are super convenient, compact appliances that can be kept on your kitchen counter. They heat with a combination of infra red and convection to cook food 40% faster than a conventional oven - without any of the dreaded soggyness...

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ROYALTY AND RIVALRYNajika's replacement as spokesperson for the cooking school arrives at Seika Academy, and she is not too fond of him. Seiya is stuck up and rude, which would be easier to handle if he didn't look just like her past love, Sora!...

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A Different Kind of Vegas Story"I stared at the ring on my finger. After the champagne, I had a vague memory of a tacky wedding chapel. I remember giggling as I carried a slightly grubby bunch of silk lilies down a short aisle. Married. I guess...

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Big Book Of Crafts: Crocheting, Woodworking, Essential Oils, Home Crafts + Free Coloring Pages This book will help you to get started by providing the following information: Book #1: Professional Crochet Stitch Guide: Learn The Most Popular Modern...

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From the creators of the website Japanese Cooking 101, Simply Bento is a complete collection of over 140 delicious and healthy bento recipes for everyone in the family.  Ready to make lunch quick, easy, and tasty? Japanese bento boxes are...

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From Oleen’s Stuffed Pepper Slippers and Franceen’s Good Ol’ Meat to Mrs. Tooler Doolus’s Oven Spaghetti and Bobbie’s Lemon/Lime Jell-O Cake Supreme, Ernie Mickler has collected another whopping batch of the“most magnannygoshus”...

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How are you going to fix that road? Good Question! For those wanting to permanently fix and maintain their roads and driveways, the Road Repair Handbook fully explains why roads fall apart and how to repair them. Heavy on straightforward advice,...

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An authoritative guide to using the principles of ancient Chinese design at home, work, or in the garden features color photographs of classic and modern examples of feng shui in practice, drawings, charts, plans, and original calligraphy. Feng...

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More than five hundred images, selected from the photographic archives of "Life" and other collections, portray the people and events that transformed the modern eraRichard Stolley knows a bit about what we want from the pictures of our century....

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