Learn the strategies and tips that professional best selling authors use to write literary masterpieces! Inside you will learn: - Write a Book Fast in One Month or Less! - Starting. - Setting the Scene. - Creating an Outline. - Idea Generation. -...

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Do you have hair health problems? Is your hair weak or are you losing hair? Do you want to make your hair healthier in a natural way? This book will solve all your hair health problems and answer all your questions when it comes to curing and...

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In an ideal world, everyone would take a long-term approach to dieting, trying to lose weight/fat gradually. They’d make small changes to their eating habits, activity patterns, or both. But we don’t live in an ideal world there are situations...

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What’s for dinner! - Delicious Soups to Satisfy Your SoulWhen colder winds blow and you want to cup your hands around a satisfying bowl of hearty soup, don't bust your waistline with high-calorie cream-based soups.From the author of several...

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So many creative businesses are run online these days. Whether it is used as an online shop, a marketing tool, or a portfolio, a good website is an essential for artists, photographers, designers, and makers from all creative backgrounds and...

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In 'Città Europea in Evoluzione' l’architetto e urbanista Giuseppe Marinoni e il fotografo Giovanni Chiaramonte mostrano una significativa rassegna di quelle parti di città sorte in seguito alla riqualificazione di aree industriali e frange...

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The Japanese word 'kanzashi' originally referred to decorative pins as part of the traditional female hairstyles. These pins were often works of art in themselves, holding in place elaborate floral arrangements made with natural or silk flowers....

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All you need to know to succeed in digital forensics: technical and investigative skills, in one book   Complete, practical, and up-to-date Thoroughly covers digital forensics for Windows, Mac, mobile, hardware, and networks ...

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Brand new! Perfect...

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BODYBUILDING Learn The Best Advice Of Bodybuilding Diet Today Over 10,000 Copies Downloaded! “The Best BODYBUILDING DIET” gives you the best tips, advice and strategies on how to prepare your body for gain muscle, lose fat and increase your...

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Lasagna is a popular dish of types of pasta and lasagna are only limited by the imagination. Make lasagnas traditional slices of meat, cheese and lasagna noodles with or without sauce alternately and boil until bubbly. Lasagna is usually divided...

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This 5th edition covers the latest practices and processes of various alternative methods for the construction of tall buildings from foundation to roof. The text progresses through the stages of site investigation, excavation and earthmoving,...

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Forty years after its initial publication, this new edition features over 150 revisions, including case studies from the authors’ experiences, complete look with color images of the archaeological excavation at Bacon’s Castle and Monticello in...

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Practical, versatile, and just plain fun to build, cabinets are one of the most popular of woodworking projects. Now, Cabinets and Storage Solutions: Furniture to Organize Your Home brings you 16 of the best storage-furniture designs from some of...

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Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that’s easy to learn and fun to use! But books about learning to program in Python can be kind of dull, gray, and boring, and that’s no fun for anyone.Python for Kids brings Python to life...

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Say goodbye to the chicken breasts, broccoli, and egg whites you’re used to. Now you can build muscle, shed weight, and lift more―all while enjoying delicious, flavorful meals with The Ultimate Bodybuilding Cookbook!For over a decade,...

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Smaller is big, says architect and author Katie Hutchison, whose book The New Small House shows those looking to downsize how they can live smartly, economically and environmentally friendly in elegantly designed homes. With 275 gorgeous...

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The first biography of this important landscape architect, James Rose examines the work of one of the most radical figures in the history of mid-century modernist American landscape design. An artist who explored his profession with words and...

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We all want to take a good photograph. The moment comes and there we are fiddling around with our new digital camera not knowing which button to push and what does the button do anyway?There is a bicycle going by, which way do I turn the buttons...

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Be the envy of your friends this year by personalising your Christmas with a trendy hygge look! Create beautiful tree decorations, delicious festive treats and even learn to wrap your presents creatively. You'll bring out this book year after year...

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Lost Earth is a serial novel, appearing in episode installments, much the same way as your favorite TV show.- Episode 1: Pilot - Brian Whitmore has everything going for him: wealth, women, and an abundance of free time. However, after a business...

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Zap! Zip! Zoop! Froggy’s back!   Spring is finally here, and Froggy can’t wait to go on a bike trip with his dad. But first he needs to find his bicycle helmet, butterfly net, and trading cards—will Froggy get on the road before sunset?...

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Hawaii loves to eat SPAM! Hawaii Cooks with SPAM celebrates our favorite food with dozens of recipes collected by celebrated food lover and cookbook author Muriel Miura. These treasured SPAM recipes will warm your hearts, satisfy your cravings,...

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Restore peace and joy to your home as you create a space that gives your loved ones a comfortable place to connect. In Restoration House, designer and lifestyle guide Kennesha Buycks shows you how to curate and decorate your home (even on a small...

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This ghostly guide provides everything you need to create a Halloween that's easy, affordable and fun for the whole family!You'll learn how to make basic costume elements, such as hats, capes and masks in 3 steps or less with no sewing...

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Readers continue to turn to Klein's Organic Chemistry as a Second Language: First Semester Topics, 4th Edition because it enables them to better understand fundamental principles, solve problems, and focus on what they need to know to succeed....

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☆★☆Kindle Unlimited Readers Read For FREE!☆★☆15+ FREE BONUS Photography Books Included!!!Want to Learn How to Take STUNNING Portraits Effortlessly?Have you always loved the idea of portraiture photography, and yet never been able to...

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OVER 39,000 COPIES DOWNLOADED! Don't make your Christmas gift giving harder than it needs to be. These 25 gift ideas are EASY to make, and don't cost much to do so. The experienced crafter might turn their nose up, but for the rest of us, we...

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* Maps of all the planets and areas that Mario can explore!* Locations for every Star in the game!* With Prima’s guide you’ll be able to find all the Comet Metals to unlock new levels.* Every new move and ability revealed, including all the...

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Publisher's Note: Products purchased from third-party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entities included with the product.Kaplan's MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2019-2020 offers...

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How does pH work in the body? What is the effect of eating alkaline food? Discover how you can restore your body to its natural state and set yourself on a path to optimal health with The Alkaline Diet for Beginners. Eating nutritious food keeps...

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Ethiopian Cookbook A Beginner's Guide This book has been written in support of millions of Africans in need. Proceeds from the sale of this book will help bring about change for suffering African communities. Ethiopian Cookbook has been requested...

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SEO Made Simple! DIY SEO & Internet Marketing Guide : How To Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.How to Make Money on the internet is a popular question, and one that is easily answered; Simply create a quality website...

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