Nutrition: Health, Weight Loss and Wellness: Your Guide to: Healthy Living and Healthy Eating (Nutrition Facts, Nutrition for Dummies, Nutrition 101, Weight … Basics, Healthy Habits, Eat Healthy)

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You’ve seen it more than enough and heard it over and over again. Weight loss being one of the most talked-about subjects has definitely set a high bar. Many have embarked on weight loss programs, and diet meal plans and have succeeded. But some failed constantly, making that first few steps forward and ended up taking few more steps back. We know the feeling, and yes, help is on the way!

Nutrition: Your Guide to Weight Loss and Healthy Living gives you answers to questions about nutrition, weight loss and diet, helping you understand your body and the food that you eat.

Weight loss is not just about having the perfect body, but it is rather the consumption of food with nutritional value.

In this book you will learn about:

  • the science behind weight loss
  • Importance of balanced diet
  • Foods for weight loss
  • And much more!

Below is a preview of what you’ll be learning from this book:

“People have resorted to various measures like crash diets and short duration heavy gym activity. We need to realize that while such measures can give results quickly, they usually are short lived. These results can also backfire badly. Instead, a healthy and balanced diet should be adopted with light exercises so that the body is not strained and remains fit.”

“People are tempted to replace one nutrient source completely with the other but dependence on only one source can actually hinder the weight loss journey. All the three nutritional components are required in balance. Over consumption of any one nutrient can hold up weight loss and harm the body further.”

Here’s more:

In this book is an outline of Foods for Weight Loss and Habits for Weight Loss that is sure to provide you positive results. You will learn about the The Science of Weight Loss and The Importance of a Balanced Diet. You will also learn about the danger of Junk Foods and how to eliminate them completely in your diet. A little information about Post Pregnancy Weight Gain and last but not the least, Physical Activity is discussed in this book as well.

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