Microsoft Windows Movie Maker For Dummies

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Discover how to edit and share your movies — in a snap!

Sound advice on adding music and voice-overs to your video!

Navigate with ease through Movie Maker’s buttons, toolbars, and commands Get a grip on this new video-editing tool with this friendly guide. Inside, you’ll find pointers on recording and customizing all kinds of video and sound projects to share with friends and family. These pages are loaded with tips on shooting good video, editing footage from your Web cam, and more.

Discover how to: Buy the right equipment Import photos from your digital camera, scanner, and more Create slide shows Share movies online Organize and store videos on your hard drive

The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English “Get in, get out” information Icons and other navigational aids Tear-out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun

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Microsoft Movie Maker is a versatile and friendly digital video editing tool, and Microsoft Windows Movie Maker for Dummies is designed to help any would-be film tycoon use it to rise to power, by using just a PC.

Like other Dummies books, this one is designed from the ground up for easy reading. Each page features sidebars and tips, and every chapter is written with the beginner in mind. An appealing feature of this book is its deliberate avoidance of technical jargon until absolutely necessary. When technical terms are used, they’re explained clearly and put into perspective.

Structured into five major parts, Movie Maker for Dummies begins with an introduction to the software and how to use it to record or import video clips, and work with still images and other basics. Sections 2 and 3 talk about production basics: recording video, recording audio, basic editing, adding separate audio and music tracks, and adding credits and titles. Section 4 wraps up production with chapters on screening your work on the Web, tips on e-mailing your movies, and recording movies to tape and CD-ROM.

One of the more valuable sections of the book isn’t about Movie Maker at all. Section 5 includes 10 tips from a professional cameraman, such as how to avoid lens flares when shooting, take care of the camera, understand exposure, make the most of camera audio, and choose camera angles. This section also features a list of online resources for getting help and gathering tips on shooting, producing, editing, and screening amateur films.

Self-taught film-director wannabes who have some experience might not find much in the way of useful information, but they won’t be using Movie Maker, anyway. Both Movie Maker and Movie Maker for Dummies are aimed at the low-res and home-video crowd, and both are perfectly suited to that audience. Grab your kids and camcorder, ’cause it’s “lights, camera, action!” –Mike Caputo

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