Low Carb Diet: How To Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days with Low Carb and High Protein Diet Without Starving

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Do You Need a Quick Weight Loss Plan for an Important Event in the Coming Week?

Find Out How You can Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days with Low Carb & High Protein Diet Without Starving!?

***FREE BONUS INCLUDED*** Have you heard of the Low carb diet and its potential to let you achieve your dream weight? Do you know what the diet is all about and most importantly, how to start? Do you need a quick weight loss plan for an important event in the coming week? Have you been searching for a diet that can help you lose unwanted weight without having to sacrifice, taste, flavor or an entire meal? Do you want not only the ability to control your weight but also to minimize the risk from other health diseases? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the Low carb diet is for you! The Low Carb Diet: How to Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days with Low Carb and High Protein Diet Without Starving is not only a collection of information and recipes that are low carb but also an organized meal plan readymade for you. No need to think which set of recipes is best for an entire because for one week, you have this book to guide you on your low carb diet. The recipes in this book are a combination of beef, poultry and seafood and vegan meals. Each of these recipes is divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. This shows that with the low carb and high protein diet, you can still have a full day’s worth of meals without the guilt of eating too much. This is more than a cookbook that can help you prepare the recipes. It is also a guidebook that will allow you to understand not only the information behind the low carb diet but also the secret on how weight loss can be achieved. From a grocery list of low carb and high protein food items to a technique to help you assess your own weight, this book covers a great deal of information that you need to jumpstart your low carb lifestyle. Begin with losing the unwanted pounds and start the low carb diet today!

Sneak Preview of the Low Carb Diet…

  • Overview of the Diet
  • Benefits & Challenges
  • Low Carb Food Groups
  • High Protein Food Groups
  • Weight Control& BMI
  • Low Carb Diet Variants
  • The 7 Day Meal Plan
  • And much more! Grab your copy of “Low Carb Diet” today! Begin your journey towards achieving the goal weight that you aim for through the low carb diet! Tags: low carb, high protein, low carb high fat, ketogenic, diet