Kitchen Cabinets: A Detailed Book of Help

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This book is the source for field tested ideas that have stood the ravages of time, presented by a hands-on, award winning cabinet man with over forty years experience. The difference in most cabinet DIY books and this book is in the details. This book is written from the inside of a cabinet shop, not from behind a designer’s ten thousand dollar desk, or some sophisticated book selling think tank. My chapter on Kitchen Design and Cabinet Layout is based on forty years of award winning work. I won the best kitchen award in the Home Builders Association’s Parade of Homes three year in a row. I introduced our community to Corian tops, back when roll formed tops were all the rage, and granite wasn’t available. You need this book if you want common sense solutions with detailed instructions on: Kitchen design Cabinet layout Measuring for new cabinets Building cabinets Measuring for new cabinet doors New doors over old cabinets Building new drawers Installing new drawers in old cabinets Painting new and existing cabinets Changing existing cabinets into an eye popping miracle Gadgets works in the kitchen What are the latest styles? How to avoid common traps Factory-made or custom-made About twenty years ago I stopped following the home builders market and started to concentrate mostly on refurbishing or remodeling existing kitchens. I can’t stress enough how little money it might take to change your old out of date cabinets into a totally new look. For one example, look on the link “Look Inside.” The picture on the cover of this book is a very simple fix on what used to be an all white kitchen. Even the doors are not new. Expect many new ideas of help to transform your old outdated kitchen into a totally beautiful work space to be proud of. Del Hardegree…..Author Search Keys: Building kitchen cabinets, replacing cabinet doors, custom kitchen cabinets, kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovation, kitchen design, kitchen cabinet layout, how to install kitchen cabinets, building kitchen tops