Internet Bookselling Made Easy!: How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online (Volume 1)

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Internet Bookselling Made Easy! is said to be among the best “start and run your own business” guides that has ever been written.  Just flip through the pages and find out just how good Joe Waynick is at delivering a detailed how-to manual for the American dream of successful self-employment as an Internet Bookseller.

This book can be used as a manual for starting a wide variety of one-person businesses. It has all the specifics needed for selling books online, including:

    *   How to find your inventory
    *   How much to pay for it
    *   How to figure your pricing
    *   Where to sell
    *   How to do order fulfillment
    *   How to add other media to your inventory

At the same time, it covers the management procedures and operational considerations any start-up or growth oriented entrepreneur should know, such as:

    *   Bookkeeping and accounting
    *   Raising capital and calculating prices
    *   Marketing, promotions and networking
    *   Choosing strategies to overtake the competition
    *   Projecting sales
    *   Organizing information and work flow

If you run into obstacles you can always visit the Internet Booksellers Forum to chat with the author and other booksellers for ideas and solutions. Professional, experienced help is only a mouse click away for readers.

If you …

   1.  Are thinking about starting your own small business
   2.  Have a business already but want to grow it
   3.  Love books and would like to make a living related to that love

…don’t let anything stop you from getting Internet Bookselling Made Easy! This is a must have volume for any business library

Experience the ultimate home-based business that doesn’t require a large up-front investment, that also has the potential to earn a lucrative income, by reading this book!

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