How To Tile A Shower: Bathroom Tiling Floor, Bathtub Wall, Easy To Apply Ideas For Beginners

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Tiling a shower not only makes it become durable but it’s also a good way of making the whole place be gorgeous. This guide has been specifically designed for beginners who are opting to tile their showers and make them look great by themselves. You’ll find basic “easy to do” steps..

On the hustles to make it better, I have provided easy to understand chapters that will give you a nice breakthrough on the whole process. Consulting the whole guide prior to the task will assure you of a very great result.

What You’ll Get Inside:

Chapter 1: How to Tile & How to Do It Easy?
Chapter 2: Preparing Shower
Chapter 3: Tools and Materials
Chapter 4: How to Tile Bathroom Floor
Chapter 5: How to Tile Bathtub Wall
Chapter 6: How to Tile Shower Walls
Chapter 7: Tips and Tricks for Choosing Shower Tile
Chapter 8: Types of Tile Materials
Chapter 9: Tile Cleaning Mistakes

Take a Sneak Peak Inside (page 11):

“Although we have gone the whole process that is involved when tiling a shower, it is wise to consider discuss the key steps involved while tiling specific parts of the shower. This chapter details what is involved when tiling the floor part of the shower. The steps involved include; framing the box, spreading-out the rubber membrane, attaching the membrane, cutting-out the drain holes, attaching the drain plate, screwing in the drain, creating a mixture of concrete, pouring the mixture and giving the mixture time-allowance to cure. The steps have been discussed in detail as follows:

1.Framing the Box.

A two by four lumber can be used in case it is required when you are framing the box. This will actually serve as the concrete-pour form. Always consider checking correct depths of concrete with your local building codes. This should incorporate the thickness and depths of the rubber membrane. Prior to starting the process of installing the concrete, you should consider the assistance of a plumber, for the purpose of roughing the drain of the shower….”

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