How To Make Cornish Pasties The Official Recipe (Authentic English Recipes Book 8)

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About Authentic English Recipes

It’s great to try new recipes for the first time. To experience new flavors and food combinations you may never have thought of. But for most of our day to day cooking we never open a cookbook or precisely measure ingredients. We go by what feels right and the experience of cooking the same meal many times before.

The How To Make Authentic English Recipes series is more about the method and the ingredients than it is about precise measuring. This is the way our Grandmothers and Mothers cooked. These are recipes my Grandmother passed down to my Mother and then to me.

I hope you enjoy this series of cookbooks and will soon be using these homemade recipes and cooking like a true Brit.

About How To Make Cornish: The Official Recipe

Yes, there is an official Cornish pasty recipe and it is included here along with a US English translation. By European law, this is the only pasty that can be called a Cornish Pasty and even then only if it is made in Cornwall.

So, unless you happen to live in Cornwall, you will just have to call it something else. If you insist on calling it a Cornish Pastry and one day two burly tin miners with strange accents show up on your doorstep, all I can say is, “You were warned!”

What’s a Cornish Pasty, you may ask? Well, the official one is much like a meat pie, but you can hold it in your hand and the pastry will hold together. It’s much the same for the variations I have provided in this cookbook, although I didn’t stop at just meat pies, there’s also fruit pies, vegetarian pies and many other versions. The list of recipe names below will give you a good idea.

My mother’s pasty recipe was different, so I included that as the Unofficial Cornish Pasty Appetizers. But there is so much more you can do, and I have done, with the pasty idea that I thought you might like to try some of the variations I’ve come up with over the years. Therefore, in this book, you’ll find the following recipes:
Savory Pasty Recipes

  • Cornish Pasties, the Official Recipe
  • Cornish Pasties, the Unofficial Recipe (created as appetizers)
  • Flaky Pastry Recipe
  • Vegetarian Pasty
  • Cheese, Mushroom and Leek
  • Ham, Swiss Cheese and Asparagus
  • Sausage Pasty
  • Pizza Pasty
  • Asian Pasty
  • Jerk Chicken Pasty

Dessert Pasty Recipes

  • Peach & Walnut Pasty
  • Bumbleberry Pasties
  • Banana & Chocolate Pasty
  • “Banana Split” Pasty
  • Apple and Walnut Pasty

Just to make sure my pasty recipes can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, I have included a table of international measurement equivalents.
So get this book now and start baking some pasties for lunch, dinner, desserts or snacks!