How to Install Saltillo Tile: DIY Guide to Terra Cotta Flooring

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Saltillo tiles can be found in building across the globe, from stately mansions and beach resorts to humble haciendas and local restaurants. And yet each place is unique, because no two Saltillo tiles are the same. Carefully handcrafted in Northern Mexico, each terracotta tile embodies the history, beauty and creativity of its origins, and together, these tiles have the power to transform a simple space into a stunning work of art.

At Rustico Tile and Stone (, we are dedicated to producing and distributing the finest authentic, handcrafted Saltillo tile available. As the largest manufacturer for authentic Saltillo tile in Mexico, we are passionate about our craft, and we are experts in our field, installing thousands of square feet of this unique terracotta tile every year.

When you’re ready to install Saltillo tile in your home, only the best will do. Contact Rustico Tile and Stone at our Texas headquarters to get a price quote and learn more about our unique products. We ship worldwide every day, and we are proud to provide DIY’ers just like you with the resources and support you need to transform your space.

In this eBook, we cover the basic guidelines for installing and caring for Saltillo flooring in your home. Topics include:

Saltillo Tile selection patterns
Tools and equipment
Subfloor prep
Tile setting, making cuts, grouting tile
Finishing sealer and Maintenance

After reading, consult with a local tile contractor who can guide you through the installation process for your specific space, as each home and situation is unique. This eBook is just the framework to guide you through the main elements of your Saltillo tile floor installation. You will have questions – and that’s why we recommend you have a local flooring contractor available who can address your specific space.