How To Eat Healthy: What to eat … Foods to avoid

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Discover what to eat . . . and which foods to avoid

What this book is NOT.
— It is not a weight-loss/dieting book
— It is not a re-hash of somebody else’s theories about what constitutes healthy eating
— It is not a series of done-for-you menus
— It is not a recipe book

What this book is
— is a set of guidelines for what to eat and which foods to avoid in order to enjoy abundant energy, stable body weight, and better over-all health.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the pages of HOW TO EAT HEALTHY. . .
— Discover the secrets to a healthy body, improved muscle tone, and abundant energy.
— When food is plentiful, what constitutes
What causes malnutrition?
What are its symptoms?
What are its consequences?
What WE can do to alleviate them.

— My theory about which nutrients are most important in terms of health.
In my opinion, ALL the major nutrition gurus are focused on the WRONG nutrients!
FIND OUT which nutrients I believe they SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON and WHY.

— Discover what happens in your body when you focus on increasing the RIGHT nutrients.
HINT: Counting calories and weighing food are things of the past.

— You’ll get an extensive Foods List that’s been color coded so you can see at a glance which foods to eat most of the time (green) – which foods are best eaten with other types of foods (yellow)– and which foods to avoid altogether (or , at least, severely cut back on) (red).

— You’ll get timelines for the ‘edibles’ that contribute to a DIRTY diet.

— You’ll meet the ‘processes’ that contribute to lowered nutrition.
Chemical agriculture
Food preservation techniques – refining, irradiation

After reading HOW TO EAT HEALTHY, you’ll come away with a better understanding of how to protect yourself from the excesses of food manufacturers; their propensity to perpetuate failed theories and their over abundant use of non-nutrient additions to our foods. You’ll also have a better understanding of how those additions may well be undermining your health as well as the health of the entire population.