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Framed in the violent, sex and alcohol-fueled world of college fraternity rivalry, Houses follows the lives of three young men as they intersect and collide, racing toward seemingly certain disaster. Kurt Rehmann, a psychopath Adonis, struggles to adjust to life away from home by pledging a fraternity in his freshman year. His dorm floor-mate and new friend Anthony DiMare pledges a rival fraternity, where older fraternity brother Tom Lockhart is struggling with the effects of a college life spent partying too hard. As Kurt’s efforts to assimilate take increasingly disturbing turns, the houses they’ve joined go to war with each other and the lives of all involved are changed forever. Part meditation on addiction and part journey into madness, Houses takes the reader on a thrilling, enlightening and horrifying semester-long roller coaster ride of discovery, debauchery, insanity and redemption.