Help! I Want to Lose Weight!: Give yourself a second chance … I did!

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Susan’s enthusiasm is infectious. Now you have a weight-loss friend who will make you giggle over her own life trials as you smile at your own triumphs. Every day! Every page! Her real CAN-DO collections of tools learned the hard way along her own weight-loss path CAN MAKE YOUR OWN JOURNEY easier.

If you’re tired of looking for the magic pill or trendy diet that’s promises everything but delivers nothing, this book is for you. It is simple principles applied in a practical way that effectively work to shed the pounds while eating normal, healthy, natural food. Here you’ll find a common sense approach to weight-loss coupled with the inspiration and encouragement that you need. Susan believes food is to be enjoyed, not shunned. You’ll find a shopping plan, cooking tips and recipes to make your weight-loss journey not only effective but also enjoyable.

Susan lost 79 pounds in 13 months with the help of God, her husband and her local weight-loss group. The secret was eating controlled portions of very nutritious food and balanced regular meals. The book includes 30 photos (color in the eBook version) of Susan’s life and weight loss journey. Give yourself another chance. Buy “Help! I Want to Lose Weight! today!

Here are Susan’s words of encouragement from the introduction:

Mountains and valleys and starts and stops. It sounds like the old TV show, Wagon Train. But this too is how we sometimes live our lives with weight gain and losses. It’s all up the hill or down in the valleys. We start and then we stop. We’re frustrated by our own inconsistencies in the weight loss process.

“Help!!!!! I want to lose weight!” we scream… silently. From one screamer to another, I hear you. I believe you can lose weight and keep it off for as long as you want.

When I get mad, I talk to my adversary, the gloating self-serving food addict, and say, “I am me and I rule me! You don’t rule me. I have the freedom to change what I don’t like about myself. I can color my hair a different color, if I want to. I can wear white, if I want to. I can eat what I want to.”

I wrote this book for you so you can decide to rule and reign in your own life instead of having food rule and reign in your life. What you will read is the truthful account of me taking ownership and dominance of my food choices for 13 months to loose 79 pounds to reach my goal weight.

No one paid me to do it. I have no sponsors. I am not rich. I don’t have superwoman will power. I had desire. I had hope. I had a fork. I had a measuring cup. I had a scale. What do you have?