Get Your Head Out of Your Ass: and Learn to Use Your DSLR

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Just 15 minutes ago I got back from a photo shoot at Casa Rosada. “The Pink House” as it’s called here in Argentina is the Argentine version of The White House in Washington D.C. Kind of. It’s the seat of the Executive Branch of the government, but the President and his family don’t live there.

You know it better as the stage for Madonna’s song, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”

I live about 20 minutes, by taxi, away from the Pink House, so I’m there often. Frequently daily. Sometimes several times a day.

When I’m not busy shooting I like to watch the tourists. Especially the American tourists. They’re the ones that use the neck strap for, well, a neck strap. They don’t realize that the best way to carry a DSLR is slung over one arm. Using the neck strap as a neck strap strains the back and shoulder muscles and makes it easy for thieves to slice the fabric, grab the camera as it falls and be gone into the crowd faster than you can say, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”

These are the people this book is meant for. The ones that think having a better camera will make them a better photographer. It’s also meant for those people who believe that owning a camera makes them a photographer.

Sadly, the very people who could benefit the most from this eBook are apt to be the very ones least likely to buy it.