Free Library Books: How to Find Free Books for Kindle Using OverDrive (Kindle User Guides Book 3)

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Is Kindle Unlimited too expensive for you?

Perhaps you don’t want to spend the money for Kindle Unlimited, or you don’t like the books that are available. All you want are the best sellers, which never seem to be available through Kindle Unlimited.

Have you been to your local library recently?

The library has all the books you want, but you have to haul them around, and you love the convenience of having an e-reader in your bag whenever you want it. Did you know there’s a way to get the best of both worlds?

You NEED OverDrive if you have a Kindle

The simple truth is that if you own a Kindle, but you’re not taking advantage of OverDrive, you’re missing out on a lot. What if every book you wanted to read was free and available for you on the Kindle? That’s the promise of borrowing library books through OverDrive, and it’s EASY.

Click “Buy now”, and this might be the last book you ever buy on Amazon.