Free Books For Lovers of American History: Over 200 Free Downloadable American History Books (Free Books for a Quick Download Book 5)

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Welcome to a treasure chest of FREE books on American History from the discovery of North America to the First World War, presently available on Amazon!

In this book you will have free access to well over 200 scholarly, literary and personal works relating to almost every period in American History. The titles have been organized according to major historical periods, as they would be in any American History text, with some relevant topical sections added. Each title is linked with the Amazon page where the book is offered. Simply click on the title that interests you and then download it on your Kindle or your computer.
Mike Caputo (Editor)

IMPORTANT NOTE TO KINDLE READERS: All links have been tested and they are functional. If you experience technical difficulties in downloading any listed book to your Kindle, simply search for the title from the Amazon “Search” page (scroll down to “Kindle Store”) and you will be able to download it very quickly using that approach. Either way, the books will be FREE!