DEWALT Contractor’s Daily Logbook & Jobsite Reference (DEWALT Series)

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The secrets of today’s successful contractors include two things: having a way to logically and efficiently document jobsite activity, as well as the resources and references to complete the documentation. This new book gives you both. DEWALT Contractor’s Daily Log & Jobsite Handbook is a two-in-one resource that provides all of the necessary elements needed to effectively run and complete a construction project. Part One offers daily log pages, carefully designed to assist contractors in documenting everything necessary on the jobsite, from daily activities to weather conditions to schedule, deliveries, subcontractors, OSHA requirements, and more. Part Two complements the preceding section by including a variety of resources related to the daily log, including a math/calculations section, an extensive jobsite safety/OSHA requirements section, Spanish/English translations and a comprehensive reference section. An ideal tool for contractors, builders, maintenance managers, and construction managers alike, its consistent use can prove invaluable in the progress of a project, especially in preparing for potential legal matters that may arise.

Key Logbook Features

  • Carefully designed log system providing a quick and easy entry process
  • Log pages for every day of one work year
  • Additional logs/forms included for various ancillary applications:

    – Equipment and material purchases

    – Accident reports

    – Contact records

    – Safety checklists